Why Parent Should Tell Story To Their Children At Bedtime

Bedtime story is a traditional form of storytelling, where a story is told to a child at bedtime to prepare the child for sleep. Listening story at bedtime helps to improve their language and vocabulary skills. It makes them imaginative and improves the mental development of the child. It has been found that children who listen to stories regularly have a good personality. Actually, the story matter and plot help a lot in the development of personality. The most important thing is that bedtime storytelling on a regular basis helps to build a sweet bonding between parents and child.

Montessori caregivers think that it is beneficial to make a habit of the listening story at bedtime at home because from the story they learn various things. The first five years of a child’s age is very vital because the brain remains the most active this time and they adapt things easily and keep them in memory. Studies show that when a preschool child reads aloud or listens attentively. The area of their brains that handle mental imagery and narrative comprehension is activated. According to a recent study from the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, higher reading exposure was positively correlated with neural activation in the left side brain. This means narrating stories to your child helps them develop mastery of the language through sounds, visuals, and words. Neural research shows that when parents and caregivers interact verbally with children like reading to them, kids learn a great deal more than we ever thought possible. Bedtime story also helps to lower the stress level, but the most profound benefit discovered in the recent years is the way bedtime stories can rewire children’s brains to quicken their mastery to language.

A caregiver in a preschool in Pasadena, CA tells that they encourage the parents of their school to spend at least 15-20 minutes of quality time with the children because it helps a lot. They tell that bedtime stories benefit the child in various ways. For this reason, it is very crucial to select a proper story for bedtime reading. A story that contains violent elements should not be read out at the time children go to bed because this charges their mind and body. The story contains love, empathy, sharing, etc. are the most suitable story at bedtime. They soothe nerves, helps a lot to bring a good night's sleep. Moreover, from these stories, children learn empathy, love, sharing, etc. good behavior from there.

Modern child psychologists are telling that if you want to give your children a good mental shape, there is no alternate than giving them the right type of storybooks. Preschool children are so tiny that most of the time they cannot read of their own. So, parents must read out beautiful stories with good morals for them.

Some recommended books for the preschoolers at bedtime are ugly duckling, Midas, and the Golden touch, the boy who cried wolf, the ant and the grasshopper, Cinderella, beauty and the beast, the hungry mouse, etc. You can find more if you consult the internet.