What we can learn from snowplow parenting

Many parents of Montessori South Pasadena, CA would like to keep them updated with the new research and findings related to the concepts of teaching, learning, and parenting. If you are a parent who is one of them, you must have heard the phrase‘snowplow parenting’. This is a new term that has become the talk of the town recently. Much like its predecessor, 'helicopter parenting', this new concept of parenting style also paints an unflattering portrait of the type of parents it tries to define.

Lately, this phrase has been floating around the internet but was popularised by writers Claire Cain Miller and Jonah Engel Bromwichba. They used the term in an article published in the New York Times to describe a set of parents who always clears up all the problems and obstacles in their child's path to success. They want to make sure that the little ones do not encounter any failure, hardship, or frustration to achieve their objective.

Though it has some negative effects on the children, parents can learn some valuable life lessons from the snowplow parents to make their parenting style more effective and beneficial for their kids.

So, here are 5 lessons parents can learn from snowplow parents:

We should allow our children to fail so they can overcome it.

This is the age when the Montessori teachers, and parents want their kids to develop the necessary life skills to be successful in life. Making the right choice and solving problems are the 21st-century life skills that children should develop. If parents keep on removing all the obstacles and hardships from their children’s path, they will not get the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and develop these skills.

Sometimes parents should say 'no' to their kids.

You may find it tough to look at your crying children and tell them 'no' knowing the fact that a 'yes would protect them from feeling any strong emotions. But they need to experience their emotions, even if it is sad. These are the opportunities through which children will learn to manage their emotions and slowly gradually develop the power to overcome it.

Parents should appreciate efforts as much as results.

The result is important but children should understand that they should put their best foot forward to achieve any desired goal in life. Nothing comes easily in life and to be successful they should work hard. To promote this, parents should praise their children for doing things that are tough and motivate them not to lose hope and try hard to achieve the desired result.

Children should be given some responsibility.

In Montessori South Pasadena, CA teachers give their students some responsibilities like keeping the resources back, organizing their class library, throwing garbage in the bin, etc to make them more responsible. Parents also can provide some opportunities at home to help their children feel responsible.

Helping your kids to think proactively.

Parents need to understand that children should use their thinking skills to make the right choice and solve any problem. If you keep on instructing your children what to do and how to do, they will lose the opportunities to develop this important skill.