Ways to encourage good habits in toddlers

Developing some good habits in children has lifelong benefits. Parents and teachers can be instrumental in developing such healthy habits in toddlers. You can start doing so from an early age to your child. Good habits include adopting some 21st-century life skills, good manners and positive attitudes towards learning and growing up. Montessori La Canada Flintridge, CA is listing down some tips and guidelines to get you started.

Keep things simple and positive:
Being a parent of a toddler, it is very important to keep a positive mind-set during your child's initial years. Whatever you teach your child will have along-lasting effect in his thought process. If you showcase a positive outlook in bringing them up, your kids will also learn to be optimistic about life. You need to make sure that your child grows up in an environment that is happy and comfortable where they feel safe and secure. Initially, things may not turn up according to your expectations. In such cases, instead of scolding him, you can encourage him to do the task again.

Be a role model:
According to Preschool Eagle Rock, CA, being a role model in front of the kids is the best way to develop good habits. Children have a very good observation power and they always try to follow their parents and teachers. At home, if you demonstrate good behavior and habits your child will learn those by watching you. If you show the attitudes of caring, sharing and respecting others, they will also try to imbibe the same. Parents and teachers should be very careful in choosing their words and body language in front of the kids.

Spending quality time with kids:
You need to spend some quality time with your child. According to Montessori La Canada Flintridge, CA advice, despite having a busy schedule, you must make space for your child and ensure him that he is important to you and you care for him. You can spend time with your kids by participating in some activities together or you can go out for a family lunch or dinner date. This will help your child to feel a strong and emotional bond with family members and will also develop some positive behavior.

Setting a strong ground rule and a reward system:
If you want your child to develop good behavior you should set strong ground rules for him. You can create a timetable by giving separate time for different types of activities like reading, playing some indoor games, watching television, some outdoor activities, cleaning up his room, helping you in household chores, etc. Preschool Eagle Rock, CA encourages parents to make a timetable that is flexible and easy to follow. You also need to be firm while giving instructions. If he is following the timetable and showcasing good behavior, you can reward him by giving a bar of chocolate or some extra time of their favorite activity. This will always motivate your child in maintaining their best behavior.