Unsafe Choices For A Baby’s Nursery

If you are welcoming your bundle of joy son, you would like to decorate a nursery for your newborn. Many new parents get easily influenced by the stylish nursery shots posted by so-called 'influencers’ with huge social media following. But in most of the cases, these photos are staged to prioritize style, not safety. So, imitating these looks can lead to serious dangers for your kids. In Preschool La Canada Flintridge, CA, teachers create a space that is safe not only for those tiny tots’ current abilities but for the abilities they will slowly gradually develop. You can avoid the below mentioned most dangerous nursery design trends to keep your baby safe and secure.

Wall decorations :

The wall near the baby’s cot should always leave bare, don't hang any wall decorations like a mirror or framed picture, wall hanging or any other customized nameplate on the wall directly above the crib. These items can make your nursery look great but it is not safe for kids as they may fall on or be pulled into the cot injuring the baby. If you want, you can hang them on a different wall.

Unsecured furniture :

Many parents would like to keep free standing furniture to complement the nursery aesthetic but that furniture can trip over anytime hurting your little ones. It is always advisable to use furniture in the nursery which is fixed or bracketed to the wall, especially if it is within arm's reach of the cot.

Cots near the window :

Placing your baby cot near or under a window framed by beautiful curtains may look attractive but in Preschool La Canada Flintridge, CA baby cots are always placed away from the window to avoid the risk of strangulation. If you still want to put the cot near a window, using a window guard is a very important and safer option.

Canopies :

Many parents would like to decorate the baby cot with a canopy flowing over the corner of the cot to give it a dreamy fairy-tale look. But cot canopies have the potential risk of strangulation.

Fairy lights :

It is true that a string of glowing fairy lights can create a magical ambiance but make sure you do not hang them over the cot or lace them through the bars. The string has strangulation risk while the bulbs can be choking hazards for those little ones.

Pillows :

Pillows may look lovely propped in the corner of the baby cot but according to the child care expert of Preschool La Canada Flintridge, CA, babies should not use a pillow till they are at least two years old. Pillows increase the risk of suffocation and overheating. Moreover, they can also be used as footholds to climb up and fall out of the cot.

Bumpers :

Bumpers can make your baby cot look soft and safe but they can do more harm than good. When babies roll for the first time, they are not able to roll back the other way, and this can create a danger if the bedding is too soft.

While you are avoiding all the above trends to decorate your baby nursery you can invest in a beautiful cot having all the safety standards and can get creative by painting your nursery with non-toxic paint.