Tricking Kids Into Eating Meat

Whenever one thinks of protein, the thought of meat cooked in various cooking methods comes to mind. However, a toddler can get the fill of their protein requirement by including beans, eggs, and dairy. According to the experts of Montessori eagle rock, CA, A kid only needs up to 13 grams of protein.

However, preparing different elements for a meal may be time-consuming and arduous. Hence, you should resort to incorporating meat in your child's meals to create a balanced diet. Thus, we have come up with three ways you can choose to cook meat to make it appetizing for your fussy-eater child.

Ways To Cook Meat :

● Bread it :

Lightly breading the meat will make the whole meal appetizing and tasty. The goal is to incorporate different types of texture into the meal to engage different senses of your child while consuming it. The best way to add textures that would take your child's attention from the veggies is by making it more crunchy and delicious. You can take schnitzels or crumbs of pretzels or panko breadcrumbs to coat the meat. In different cultures, meat coated in such ingredients not only makes the meal tasty but makes it appealing to both the eyes and taste buds. If you want to opt for a healthy option, Montessori Eagle Rock, CA educators recommend using wholewheat breadcrumbs.

● Focus on enhancing the texture :

When you are making homemade burgers or meatballs for your child, you have to give extra attention so that it remains juicy and tender. Unfortunately, one of the mistakes that many adults make while making meatballs is not going the extra mile to ensure their tenderness. That is why you must blitz ground beef with milk and egg. It will give you a smoother result.

● Give them dipping options :

What do children like? They like things that are sweet and tangy. So, give them what they want in a more healthy and subdued way. For example, offer ketchup, mayonnaise, low sodium soy sauce, any other kind of dressing, or less spicy dip to make the whole meal enticing and tasty. By doing so, you will be introducing them to the concept of challenging foods and teaching them that certain experiments are always rewarding.

Benefits of eating meat :
  • Meat and poultry are good sources of protein that will deliver your child with the required amount.
  • Iodine present in meat helps the body produce thyroid hormones.
  • The present iron in the meat will carry oxygen around the body
  • Zinc tends to keep the immune system of the body robust. Moreover, the consumption of meat will keep the skin healthy.

The vitamin B-12 present in the meat is good for your child's nervous system. It is also beneficial towards their growth, development, and reproductive health. Moreover, the omega 3 in the meat will support heart and brain health. Now that you know the goodness of meat tries to incorporate them into your child's diet little by little.