Three Yummy Snacks Ideas Which Even Kids Can Make

Sometimes the trick to make your children eating healthy is to make them cook it by themselves. Moreover, in this post COVID scenario when children are stuck in the house, keeping them engaged in cooking means keeping them busy. By making their snacks they can spend their time fruitfully as nowadays they have ample time in their hand because outdoor activities are almost stopped due to the COVID situation. Montessori caregivers say that it teaches them many things. It can help young kids learn and practice some basic math concepts and build language skills. Besides, it helps to enhance their common sense, self-confidence and make them self-dependent.

Why snacks :

Children like to eat snacks as they are tasty by nature. In addition, healthy snacks help to satisfy hunger between meals and boost energy. Moreover, snacks are an excellent mood lifter. A nutritionist of a Montessori school in Pasadena, CA gives three snack ideas that are easy to make and full of nutrition. Assist your children while they are making it and be sure that they are safe in your kitchen. The snacks ideas are given below.

Garlic, potato cheesy ball :

Garlic, potato cheesy ball is an easy and tasty snack full of nutritional value. Give two boiled potatoes and tell them to grate them. Take one cup of grated cheese, 2 tablespoons cornflour, 1 tablespoon garlic powder, and a little number of chili flakes. Add salt to taste. Tell them to mix everything properly and make small balls. Heat some butter on a pan fry those balls. Serve it with sauce. It is an excellent evening snack recipe.

Eggy broccoli :

Eggy broccoli is another tasty snack though most children hate to eat broccoli. Take some broccoli florets and keep them in boiling water for 10 minutes keeping the lid on. After that strain all the water and keep them in a bowl. Add beaten eggs, corn flour, chill flakes, oregano powder, and salt to taste. Tell your kids to coat all the florets nicely. Now deep fry them and serve them hot. Children will gladly eat it because they have taken part while making these particular snacks.

Marble egg :

Boil egg is one of the best nutritious foods as it contains innumerable vitamins and minerals. But children do not like to eat eggs in boiled form as they find an eggy smell in them. To get rid of it boil some egg. And after they become cool, give them to your kids. Tell them just to crack the peel. Provide some beetroot juice and mix a little amount of water in it. Be sure that the juice has not gone too thin. Tell your children to submerge cracked eggs inside the beet juice for half an hour. After that, tell them to remove the peel and get the beautiful magenta marbled egg. Before eating those children can sprinkle salt and pepper according to their taste. By choosing different ingredients you can change the color of the marble. For example, use spinach juice for a green marble or diluted turmeric for yellow marble.