Preparing Your Child for Daycare? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Out

Choosing the right preschool is especially important for your child; it will be the base of his education. This is why you need to go over your choices of preschool in Pasadena, CA before finalizing one. To start with, a visit to the preschool is a must; but it can be a little problematic now as most preschools are not allowing in-school visits. If allowed, there are few things that you need to look out for like,

  • Whether the teachers/teaching staff are talking to the children in a very encouraging and nurturing way. Such teachers will be at the child’s eye level, call them by their name, and also listen politely to them. They will encourage the child’s natural curiosity and not demean them anyway by showing disapproval like clicking their tongues or rolling their eyes. These little gestures leave a deep impact on young children so make sure you notice if such behaviors are present in the teaching staff of the preschools that you visit.
  • The second thing to look out for is how they discipline the children. Children will be naughty and sometimes rude; how the preschool handles that is important. A good preschool teacher will focus on helping a child learn correct behavior and not punish wrong behavior. This age is very crucial for a toddler, they learn their social and emotional skills and also learn how to self-regulate themselves. This is why preschools emphasize children sharing their toys and the teachers help them build their skills by teaching them turn-taking, conflict resolution, and more. The language of these lessons should be easy, preferably through song and dance as that is the best way to teach children in these age groups.
  • If you get the chance to observe the preschool while in session, take a thorough look at the atmosphere of the classroom. A preschool classroom should radiate joy; it is a place where children will automatically feel free to start playing. But that does not mean there is no discipline in the class; in fact, it is the teachers’ job to make sure the children play and learn in an organized manner. Avoid those classrooms that lay more stress on flashcards and tests and focus on those where the teaching focuses on challenging the children to think about what they are observing.
  • The staff members of your preschool in Pasadena, CA are as important as the classroom and teaching atmosphere of the school. And staff members include both teaching and non-teaching staff. A good preschool will have staff members who are happy to be there and helpful. Taking care of children is a stressful and challenging job; and the happier the staff members look, the better it is for your children. A good preschool will support their staff members with good incentives, insurance plan as well as paid leaves so that they can give their 100% to their job. They will regularly organize events and seminars that help in the professional growth of the teaching staff and keep them updated with the latest preschool teaching system.

So, these are the points to look out for when visiting a preschool. Follow them and you will find a good one for your child.