Things to Consider When Choosing A Day-Care for Your Children

Are you getting ready to go back to work after having a baby? This phase must be very tough for parents of infants or toddlers as there are a lot of things to think of before you can go back to your work. The most important among all is to find a good day-care for your little munchkin. On asking many childcare experts, Montessori Eagle Rock, CA teachers shared their suggestions on how to find the perfect place for your baby.

Safety first :

When you first walk into the infants’ room, check for see-through cribs where teachers should be able to see your baby all the time even when they are sleeping. It is very important that they strictly follow the safe sleep guidelines and if needed, just allow a pacifier in the crib.

Follows your babies schedule :

During your stay with your baby, you must have found a sleeping and feeding pattern in your baby that works best for your family. So, make sure to choose a day-care that will follow that schedule. Though children’s schedules are not 100% predictable, the right day-care will work in collaboration with you to maintain his routine as closely as possible.

Cleanliness :

The daycare should be clean and sanitized. Though a little clatter can happen when kids play with toys, caregivers need to clean up the room after each activity and keep the area organized and tidy.

Trained and qualified caregivers :

According to Montessori Eagle Rock, CA, teachers, day Care center employees should be educated, responsible, enthusiastic, caring and well prepared. They should be trained in early childhood development, CPR, pediatric first aid and to handle some emergencies

Healthy food :

If you will be bringing your child's food, please follow the center’s guidelines. But if the center has a food plan, find out what is served at meal and snack times and make sure the staff is aware of your child's food allergies, if any.

Above everything else, do remember that in the day-care your child will spend a lot of time so please doesn’t underestimate your intuition. If you are not happy with something in a day care, look for some other options.