The Best Future Of Your Child Is Waiting At Princeton Montessori Academy

Nurture your Child’s future and let him or her grow with us at Altadena’s Premier Montessori School located at the corner of Lake Ave and Mendocino Street. We at Montessori School do our best to provide your child with the best environment ensuring Child’s learning style and nurturing their inner capabilities.

We ensure to teach all about math, reading, spelling, composition, and penmanship combined with lessons in history, geography, and science equipped with special concepts and techniques which will make the lessons more interesting and easier for the infants.

Education is something which should not be taken as a burden with a motive of just doing it rather, it should be taken in a way which makes it interesting and engrossing for students. And that is the motto of this Montessori Altadena, CA.

We have a friendly and warm classroom for infants with well-equipped settings with modern and age-appropriate Montessori learning tools and learning materials.

The Montessori curriculum is adapted to the requirements of each child so that the child can learn in their own areas of interest at their own pace. From art and music to mathematics and science, we deliver a diverse curriculum to inspire and excite every young mind in their daily activities. Our bright, airy and climate-controlled classrooms ensure an ideal environment for young minds to learn and participate in everyday activities, and a relaxed atmosphere throughout the year.

To encourage and stimulate your child, the classrooms are fitted with age-appropriate Montessori equipment and materials. In the shadows of the San Gabriel Mountains, the beautiful and healthy outdoor play yard encourages each child to participate in their physical activity to stimulate both the mind and body. Each age group has its own play yard, with toys and activities suitable for their own age. This Montessori Altadena, CA facility is monitored regularly by its executive administrative staff for safety and consistency.

Not only this, it is very necessary for the kids to have fun along with the studies so we have a separate dedicated play area with age-appropriate toys for the kids to stimulate mind and body. We ensure the safety and security of the kids with a daily inspection of the health and sanitation matter.

To add excitement and fun in the lives of the children we have been increasingly working on bringing more and more extracurricular facilities for the kids so that they can develop their mind and body exercises as well. To ensure that every kid gets the opportunity to rescue their talent and utilize it in the best possible way, we have come up with dance and music activities for the kids to enhance child’s development in the best possible manner. We have tools and instruments from various parts of the world.

Art is something that makes humans unique in the best possible manner. It is very necessary to equip the students to play with colors, texts, fonts, and express their emotions and feelings through it, so we at Montessori have build up art and craft rooms to ensure that the best talent must be a build-up.

Along with the academic enrichment, we take care of the enjoyment and fun for the students by organizing summer camps with various activities for the kids that can make them rejuvenated socially, mentally, and physically.