Teaching Your Pre-Schooler To Share: 6 Tips You Want

Is your child going to Montessori Pasadena, CA? Then it is time to teach him or her to share. If your child is a single child, this will be his first time being with other children around his age. So, he must learn about sharing his toys, colors and other items. Therefore, here are some tips to help your child learn about sharing so that you have no issues with his Preschool Altadena, CA.

To start with, teach by example. Whenever you share something, it can be anything as trivial as a cookbook, with a friend or neighbor, make sure you include your child in the process. Tell him that you are sharing because it will be helping your friend/neighbor. When you are eating something, share a little with him and makes sure he says thank you and appreciate that you shared with him. You can also share with him your scarf which he can use as a cape. Be sure to teach him how to use it with care and to return in when his time is over.

Secondly, next time he is playing with his favorite toy set a timer for how long he can play with it. When the time is up, ask him to give it to another child (if he is on a play date) or you take it yourself if he is playing alone. That will teach him that a toy will not always be with him. Then after some time, give it back to him so that he knows that he is “sharing” the toy and not “giving” it away.

Thirdly, if the child is throwing tantrum, explaining him calmly is much better than being strict and saying he must share. Taking things forcibly will make him recent sharing more. Keeping patience and explaining why he must share a toy or book with someone is the only way to teach your pre-schooler about sharing. Positive reinforcement will work better than punishment in this case. If your child is fighting with another regarding a toy, learn why he isn’t ready to share, and then solve the issue rather than snatching it from him or punishing him for that.

Fourthly, if your child is attached to mother or father more, then the fun game of “Sharing mommy/daddy” will also teach him about sharing. Mark sometime during the day when he is not allowed to spend or disturb you two as he shares his “mommy/daddy” with you. Similarly, when it is his time, try not to disturb them.

Fifthly, as with sharing, you should also be aware of his favorite things. Ask him before taking his favorite things and make sure you use the word “share”. Don’t just take things from him; teach him that it is ok to say no sometime.

Lastly, if your child is a shy one, then the problem may be the opposite; he may hesitate to ask to share. So, encourage him to do that before his Montessori Pasadena, CA? starts by not giving him his favorite food or toy until he asks for it. This will make him more sociable and make friends with other kids once he goes to his Preschool Altadena, CA