Take Adequate Protection and Involve Your Children In Winter Activities

Winter is coming and Christmas and other celebrations are arriving soon. Winter means lots of fun, traveling, and visiting the place of your near and dear ones. Winter gives you a scope of lots of outdoor activities. But, during these cooler months it is common for toddlers to be restricted to indoor play at home, and only permitted to play outdoors when it is warm and sunny. Most parents fear that their children will catch a cold if they play outside on snow and in the chill air. Cold air will make them sick – it is a common notion of parents. But, according to a caregiver in a Childcare in Pasadena, CA playing outside in autumn, winter, early spring, and in every weather condition is necessary because each season gives unique opportunities for exploring and learning. Therefore outdoor play should be embraced in all types of weather because it is crucial for children’s ongoing development.

Playing outdoors in winter promotes physical as well as mental development of the body. Outdoor activities encourage the use of the whole body. Jumping, running, and other activities help in the proper muscle growth of the toddler. By riding tricycles, swinging, using the shovel to remove snow, children get an opportunity to use those muscles. Besides this, vitamin D from sunshine and outside fresh air improves the immunity system of the child. It has been seen that if you keep your children indoors thinking that outside is not safe; they will start to lose their immunity after a certain time. It has been seen that during the pandemic in the last two years when we are bound to keep us confined at home to get rid of the deadly coronavirus, the immunity system of our body decreased. Children are also no exception. So, outdoor activities in every season should be a mandatory child care regime.

Outdoor activities promote emotional health benefits. They have to solve small problems using their common sense outside. It helps to improve their self-confidence, self-esteem, and logical thinking power. The outside activity also enhances their other social skills like mixing up, sharing, empathy, etc.

But before taking your toddler outside, parents be sure that you have dressed them properly to get adequate protection from the winter chill. Dress him or her in layers. Instead of wearing him or her one thick sweater use a layer of t-shirt, woolen t-shirt, woolen sweater, jackets, etc. Not only those layers of clothing help to trap heat, if the children feel hot suddenly, just remove one layer and it will do. But, if your toddler wears just one bulky sweater, it will not be possible to remove that sole winter shield. Choose wind and water-resistant outer shells like nylon because they will not get wet easily by rain or snow. Garments made from chill chasing material like down or polar Tec should be used to protect your toddler from cold. To protect your toddlers’ delicate skins of fingers use mittens and gloves. The ear, eye, and head are those areas that catch a cold easily. To protect these areas bring a warm hat, woolen scarf, and sunglasses. The last one also protects their eyes from the glare of the sun that sparkles a lot when sunshine falls on the snow.