Some Tips To Help Siblings Share A Single Room

Siblings sharing their room can either be a tough job or can be an enjoyable experience for them. It is a step that some parents reluctantly take to help children develop a strong bond between themselves and stop being clingy. However, the task of moving the elder and the younger kids into a single room can be daunting. Though according to the caregivers of Daycare Altadena, CA this largely depends on how your children react to the new condition and how soon do they adjust to the new situation. You can follow the below-mentioned tips to make it a smooth affair for you as well as for them.
Helpful tips for sharing a room among siblings

Make one’s own space :

One of the very important things you should understand that the elder one should not feel that his own space is being taken away. She/he should not be forced to share her/his personal space. If you think the lack of personal space is creating problems between siblings, you can create one side of a room for each of the children. This will make both the kids feel that they have their personal space.

Turn it into a learning experience :

As parents, you can handle the situation more tactfully and turn it into a learning experience for both the kids. Try to make the elder kid understand that his behavior is going to have a great impact on the younger one as she/he is going to follow whatever the elder one does.

Be creative with their sleeping time :

Daycare Altadena, CA teachers suggest parents be creative with their sleep routines. Instead of just boringly tucking them into the bed, you can consider doing something differentso that they enjoy sleeping and sharing the room. Reading bedtime stories to both of them or making fun by camping in the room and dozing off in sleeping bags can make it interesting and enjoyable.

Creating a game corner in the room :

This tip sounds quite good and may help both the child develop a strong bond over some games. Turn a corner of the room into a game center for both the siblings. Buy some of their favorite games/toys and decorate the corner such a way so that they can spend some time together there. Initially, you may see them playing parallel games, but slowly gradually they will develop an interest in each other’s games/toys and start sharing and playing together. In Daycare Altadena, CA teachers set this type of game corner for their students so that they can mingle with each other and develop the attitude of accepting others and sharing things with them.

Small library corner in the room :

Just like the game corner, you can create a small library for them in the room. Keep some books of their choice and encourage them to expand their choices by reading each other’s favorite books.

Set the mood :

A dim and quiet room is key to have a sound sleep for both the kids. Try to nicely tuck the little one in her/his bed and then spend some time with the older one and help her/him to have a sound sleep. This will make the older sibling feel that he is being given time and attention too.