Some ideas to celebrate this Christmas with your kids

So, winter has come, and the Christmas bell is ringing around the corner. This is the time when the whole world is in the mood of celebration and planning to make the most out of this festive season. You also must be feeling excited about the approaching Christmas and have already started preparing to make this winter more enjoyable and memorable for your little ones. If not yet, Preschool Altadena, CA is sharing some ways to help you out in your preparation.

Decorating Christmas Tree:

Decorating Christmas Tree is one of the main attractions of this festive season. You can plan how to decorate the tree and make a shopping list with your kids. They will feel more involved and responsible to organize the whole thing most creatively. Encourage them to make it colorful and creative. For this, you can provide them with appropriate decorative like colorful balls, ribbons, stars, etc. You can do it as teamwork and sometimes allow them to take the lead. Try to appreciate their effort and dedication in the whole process. They will have fun doing this and sharing the responsibility with you.

Making Christmas dessert:

In Montessori La Canada Flintridge, CA, children love sweets especially chocolates, cakes, brownies, candies, etc. You can involve your kids in preparing the desserts at home. Try to find some easy to make brownie or cake recipes online and encourage your kids to help you in preparing them. They can help you in arranging the ingredients, mixing them or in the baking process. They can take lead in decorating the brownie or cake with some dry fruits. When you involve your toddler in any process, it becomes more fun and enjoyable.

Buying gifts:

Buying gifts is a very important part of this festive season. You can buy gifts or encourage your kids to prepare some handmade gifts. Let them understand the fact that buying costly gifts is not important; rather it is lovely to give any well thought out gift. Buy some blank cards and let them draw on it. Preschool Altadena, CA team encourages kids to do coloring, painting or use sequins, ribbons, stickers to decorate their cards. You can also check online for some easy handmade gift ideas which can be done with your kids. Doing this they will also understand that by reusing some old things you can create some new things.

Feed the less fortunate:

If you want to celebrate this Christmas in some unconventional way with your kids; this is a great thing you can do. Talk to your kids about the less fortunate community who struggles a lot to get some food. In Montessori La Canada Flintridge, CA, children are taken to some shelter where homeless people stay and feed those unprivileged people at least once. In doing this you are trying to make this Christmas special to those less fortunate people. Through this, your child will learn the magic of giving happiness and will understand that the greater value lies in giving rather than receiving.