Some Halloween Facts That Kids Should Know

People celebrate Halloween every year with great enthusiasm that now it has become the second biggest festival after Christmas. It is one of the favorite festivals of kids as they can get a huge amount of candies. But Halloween is something more about costumes and candy. Actually, the tradition of Halloween is being passed on for generations, and to keep its true fervor alive, parents should educate their going kids about Halloween.

Here you can find some interesting Halloween facts for kids shared by Montessori teachers to help kids understand what Halloween is all about.

What is Halloween:

  • Halloween is a holiday celebrated every year on 31st October.
  • It is the evening just before the holy days – All Saints’ or Hallowmas on 1st November and All Souls’ Day on 2nd November.
  • It is a community-based festival in which everyone wears different spooky costumes and attends parties.
  • People cut pumpkins into lantern shapes and put them off for display.
  • Many people visit haunted places on Halloween where they share scary stories, some may stay at home and watch some horror movies or read some horror books.
  • People also play many tricks to scare others.
  • Superstitious people light bonfires in their courtyards to make sure their houses remain safe from ghosts and evil spirits.

Why is Halloween called Halloween:

Halloween is the night just before All Hallows’ Day, so, initially, it was called All Hallows’ Eve. Eventually, with time, it changed into Halloween.

Is Halloween a Holiday in Eagle Rock, CA:

Yes, Halloween is a big celebration in most Western countries. So Halloween is a yearly holiday when people wear strange-looking costumes, kids eat candies and attend parties. It may be a working day in many other parts of the world, but people around the world wait eagerly for this day and celebrate with much fervor.

What is Halloween for Kids:

  • Halloween is a very holiday for kids as they get to dress up in spooky costumes of their favorite characters and go to parties. Moreover, on Halloween, they can go trick or treating in their neighborhood to collect candies.
  • Trick or treat is a fun game that kids play with others. They visit each household in their neighborhood and ask “Trick or Treat?”. If the house owners choose “Treat” then they would give candies or sweets to kids. On choosing “Trick”, kids will play some mischievous prank on the house owners and scare them.
  • Montessori going kids may give some performance like showing magic tricks, singing songs, telling a joke playing musical instruments, etc in front of the house owners and in return they will give candies to the little ones.

Who invented Halloween – The origin of Halloween:

  • Halloween is traced back to the 2000 years old Celtic festival called Samhain. People used to celebrate Samhain at the end of the summer harvest season.
  • So, it is believed that Celts who used to live in the countries of Britain, France, and Ireland, had invented Halloween.