Some Books Children Should Read to Learn about Plants

The incredible world of plants is filled with awesome fun facts that are quite interesting to explore. If your kids are interested in learning about plants and their world, they would be surprised to know that plants produce 98 percent of atmospheric oxygen through photosynthesis. Everything that we consume comes directly or indirectly from plants. So the whole world is dependent on plants for oxygen and food. Considering the importance of plants in every aspect of our lives, human beings love to study plants and understand the complex processes that are critical for our existence on this planet. So, if your Montessori going kids are also fascinated by the world of plants, encourage them to read some plants related books that would help them to satisfy their inquisitiveness.

Children’s Books About Seeds and Plants

You can certainly turn to textbooks to explore the world of plants, but there is no dearth of great picture books for kids that are ideal for kids who are beginning to read alone.

National Geographic Readers: Seed to plant

This book is an awesome option for kids with lots of information about seeds and plants. The bright illustrations in the book are quite captivating and can be an ideal pick for your little explorer.

The Tiny Seed:

If your little one is an Eric Carle fan, then he would love to read The Tiny Seed written by the author. This book is widely available in almost all the school libraries of Eagle Rock, CA. This book is perfect for helping younger learners understand the life cycle of a seed.

A Seed is Sleepy:

This brightly illustrated book from author Dianna Hutts Aston and the award-winning artist Sylvia Long presents children with a wonderful and informative look at the intricate, multifaceted, and stunning world of seeds. The book introduces children to an intriguing assortment of seed and plant facts, and that makes it a perfect reading material for children.

The Dandelion Seed:

Montessori teachers encourage their students to read this book as kids can learn about the life cycle of a plant from this brightly illustrated book. The book shows the beautiful journey that brings change and growth.

My garden:

This is another masterpiece and ideal for kids who would love to have their own garden. Seeing the girl in the book, who takes good care of plants in her garden, kids would feel motivated to have their own garden.