Read These Books to promote Good Behaviour in Your Kids

Teaching kids all the dos and don’ts of manners can be a daunting task. During the process, you may lose your patience or feel like a broken record. But according to the Daycare experts, books are an incredible tool in introducing new ideas and concepts to kids and also teaching them good manners. Reading books open up conversations and help the little ones consider other perspectives. So read books to your kids and help them develop certain good habits.

Are your wondering which books you should read to your kids?

You reached the right place as here you will find a curative list of children’s books to promote good habits in your kids.

So, read these books to your kids and motivate them to demonstrate their best behaviours at all times.

I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato by Lauren Child: Reading this book will help kids to understand the importance of eating nutritious foods. Although it is easy to say that healthy eating means having a variety of nutritious foods, what will happen to those fussy eaters? In the book, wise big brother Charlie teaches his sister Lola (and the little readers) that if you have a positive attitude, it is great fun to try new foods. The characters in the book also stressing that trying new foods is a good habit and everyone should develop it.

Get Up and Go by Nancy Carlson: Daycare Pasadena, CA teachers read this book to their students to stress the importance of doing exercise regularly. The main characters in the book are some cheerful animals who offer heartfelt encouragement for young learners on many topics. The main focus of the book is on the importance of exercise. It is great fun to do exercise every day and is so exciting, satisfying and relaxing. This book gives many reasons for every child to get up and go.

Fort-Building Time by Megan Wagner: This is a very popular book amongst kids. This book stresses the importance of unstructured, creative play in the healthy development of kids. Playing or participating in any activity is the perfect alternative to excessive screen time. In fact, playing some creative games is a great habit to help nagging kids put down their video games.

Even Superheroes Have to Sleep by Sara Crow: Daycare teachers read this book to toddlers to help them understand that sleep is essential for their healthy development and growth. Not only kids, doctors, construction workers, astronauts, princesses, rockstars, but even superheroes also need to sleep properly to be strong and fit. This book can help convince those kids who do not want to go to bed and sleep.

Besides these there are many more like Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book by Dr. Seuss, Calm: mindfulness for kids by Wynne Kinder, Calm with The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, and You’re Missing It by Brady Smith. You can pick anyone and start reading to your kids and help them develop good manners.