Preschool / Kindergarten

Princeton Montessori Academy follows the Montessori teaching methodology, which recognizes each child’s inherent natural drive that inspires them to reach their greatest potential. The facility fosters a perfect environment for your child to learn and experience early childhood, through customized and specially designed programs and curriculums. They are tailored to each child’s learning style, promoting natural curiosity and self-confidence.
The teaching staff, led by the facility’s Executive Director, with over thirty years of experience in Montessori education, evaluates and encourages each child’s growth potential.
At our modern and well-equipped facility, our highly trained and qualified teachers have abundance of experience to promote your child’s love of learning, inner quest of knowledge, and ultimate success in experiencing the world.
The Montessori curriculum is individualized to each child’s needs, so the child may learn at their own pace in their own interested areas. We offer a diverse program, from art and music to math and science, to keep every young mind motivated and excited in their daily activities. Our bright, airy and climate controlled classrooms, assure a perfect atmosphere, and a comfortable environment throughout the year, for young minds to learn and engage in daily activities. The classrooms are equipped with age appropriate Montessori equipment and materials to excite and stimulate your child. The beautiful and safe outdoor play yard in the shadows of the San Gabriel Mountains, enables each child to engage in their physical activities to incite both, mind and body. Each age group has their own play yard, with its own age appropriate toys and activities. The Princeton facility is inspected daily for safety and quality by its executive administrative staff.


We are enrolling kids from Diamond Bar, Rowland Heights, Walnut, Chino Hills, Pomona, San Dimas & Chino.