Pre-Schoolers FAQs : Understanding These Tiny Tots In A Better Way

If you are a parent of a toddler who is now almost of preschool age, you should learn what behaviors to expect and how to nurture independence during their preschool years.

So, what defines a pre-schooler?

Any child at the age of 3 or 4 is a pre-schooler. At this age, she may or may not attend a formal preschool program, but she is no longer a toddler. Pre-schoolers start developing the basic life skills, independence, and knowledge that they will need as they enter their Childcare Eagle Rock, CA.

How would I know if my child is ready for her preschool?

Preschool years are the preparation period for kindergarten and the school years beyond. But reaching the age requirement for a school program does not mean she is ready to go to her preschool. Every child is unique, and they develop at different paces. They may have different needs for social and intellectual stimulation. If you are planning to enroll your little one in a preschool, please think about her listening, socializing, and communicating skills. Many preschools require their students to be toilet trained. If your child is exploring and trying different new things at home, and she is getting bored being at home, she might be ready to go to her preschool.

Which learning environment is the best for my pre-schoolers?

Once you start searching for the ideal preschool for your little explorer, you may find that there are various options considering school environments and it may also possible that you can find the ideal school environment for her. If you are enrolling her in a nursery school or Childcare Eagle Rock, CA, there are many factors to consider. For example, what is the ratio of children to teachers? What curriculum does the school follow? Is the tuition fee affordable? Do you agree with the vision and mission of the school? Etc. Different preschools follow different educational approaches, so before enrolling in any school please understand the methodology thoroughly.

How can I ensure my pre-schooler is safe and healthy in her school?

Before enrolling in any school, please check their safety policy properly. It is not only in school, but at the age of 3 to 5, kids are always on the exploration mood and may try out certain things that can cause harm to her. So, it is always good to take all the possible safety measures when they are at school or at home.

To keep your child healthy, try instilling some good habits in her. For instance, maintain a good hand washing routine, eating a balanced diet, sleeping enough, etc. This is an important time to develop good nutrition and exercise habits. Pre-schoolers need enough space and opportunity to do some physical activities; so that they do not just sit for more than an hour.

How can I help my preschooler to be more independent?

Preschool age is the time when children develop the skills rapidly. So, before sending her to Childcare Eagle Rock, CA, provide enough opportunity to strengthen her independence. She should learn to stay away from you at least for some time in preparation for attending school. At home, you can give her some tasks that will make her feel important and responsible.