6 Physical Activities Must Have For For Toddlers

If you are a parent of a toddler, you must know what it takes to keep up with a super energetic and proactive tot or pre-schooler. But do you know that a toddler needs at least three hours of physical activity a day to be healthy and strong? Kids at this age need to do different types of movements to improve their motor skills. So, besides some unstructured playtime, parents or teachers in Preschool La Canada Flintridge CA can refer to the below-mentioned fun and super simple activities to keep the children physically active.

Imitate an animal:
This is a very popular activity and children have fun playing this game. This can be done inside or outside the house or classroom. Here, kids need to imitate the movement of any animal. Like they can be encouraged to hop like a frog, slither likes a snake, gallop like a horse, walk like bears or penguins. By doing this activity they can be physically active at the same time they can learn something about the animals they are imitating.

Keep the balloon up:
This is another fun activity that can be done inside or outside the house. If Childcare La Canada Flintridge CA teachers are doing this activity inside the classroom, try to keep away all the breakables and make the classroom safe for the kids. To play this game you just requireto fill some balloons and students need to keep the balloon from touching the floor. Whenever the balloon comes down, they need to push the balloon up so that it can’t fall on the floor.

Freeze – Dance:
This is a great activity where children need a lot of energy. Teachers or parents can play some high energy music and let them dance for some time. Then suddenly pause the music for some time and they must freeze themselves in whatever position they are in.

Scavenger hunt:
It is a game that can be played in an extensive outdoor area. In this game, teachers can prepare a list for certain objects and students need to hunt for those items. This is mostly played in groups. So Preschool La Canada Flintridge CA teachers can make to hunt for different objects.

Play Ball:
This is an outdoor activity. Teachers can take students can to the playground and play this game. To play this game you need only one ball (preferably the big and soft ones) and students kick the ball to other players. With ball catch, the ball can also be played. They use this kicking and catching the ball skills while playing soccer or cricket.

Puddle jumping:
This activity is very famous among kids as here they get the opportunity to jump in the puddle water. They can have some waterproof toys while playing in the puddle. They can wear their sunglasses to keep their eyes safe while playing in the puddle. Moreover, in Childcare La Canada Flintridge CA, teachers always keep their observant eyes on their students to ensure the safety and security of the students.