10 Party Game Ideas For Preschool Halloween Party

Is this your first year as a pre-schooler mom in Montessori Pasadena, CA? Are you in charge of arranging the party games for the class Halloween party? Then this article is the one you need to read. Depending on the budget and instructions from your Preschool Altadena, CA, here are 10 ideas that will be a hit with the children and parents alike.

  1. Bobbing for doughnuts. This is a healthier and germ-free version of the bobbing apple game and even the parents will love it. Hang doughnuts and children must eat them with hands behind.
  2. Pin the boo on the ghost as a variation of the pin the tail. The child who can pin the boo closest to the mouth wins. Another version can be pin the bow on the skeleton or on a jack o lantern.
  3. Witches hat ring toss can be a great game. Cut out hats and circles from black poster board and glue them over a foam board like a hat. Cut out buckles from different coloured marble papers and glue them to the hats to look them more “witchy”. You can easily find plastic rings to throw at them in stores or use diving rings.
  4. A Halloween themed bingo will go well with the children. Print squares of various Halloween themed images on sheets and distribute among the children who want to play. Print and stick all the images on a cardboard and cut them to individual pieces. Then place them in a jar and pick one image at a time to play bingo. Candies can be prizes for those who win.
  5. The Montessori Pasadena, CA go for fall theme rather than Halloween theme class parties. Hitting the pumpkin is a great game in such a party. Just fill the pumpkin pinata with candies and see the children queue up to play this game.
  6. Another pumpkin theme game can be bursting the balloon. Place small candies or trinkets in orange balloons and glue them to a cardboard shaped as pumpkin. The children will love to get prizes from each balloon they burst. Another version of it can be made with plastic cups and orange marble papers. Place the reward in the cups and seal the mouth with the paper. Glue the backs on a board and let the children burst the papers to see what they won.
  7. Spider races can be another fun game. You will need paper spiders and straws for this one. Place the spiders in a tray and each child must blow through the straw to move the spider to race across the finish line.
  8. Guess the candy can be another fun game. You can use various type of candies and the person closes to it wins a prize.
  9. Bowling with tin cans painted as Frankenstein or bowling pins as mummies is another fun party game for your Preschool Altadena, CA Halloween party.
  10. Crafting stations is another great game for preschool party. They can make spooky lollipops with coffee filters and lollipops and various bits of strings and ribbons.