Measures That Can Be Taken For Child’s Optimum Development

Early childhood, the first few years of a person’s life is very crucial because a child’s growth rate remains at a peak at that time. This is the ideal time to plan and ensure whether your growing toddler is provided with appropriate nutrition. Providing them with a balanced diet with vital nutrients along with activities helps in ensuring their optimum growth and development.

A pediatric specialist at a Childcare center in South Pasadena, CA says that a baby’s brain development happens at a quick pace in the first five years. He also says that more than one million new neural connections are formed every second at this early stage of a baby’s brain development. This means that a child’s brain remains most active during these years. Childhood is a vital time when proper nutrition and adequate activities are required for the overall development of the children. It is the duty of parents as well as the caregivers of childcare or daycare to supervise that the kids are getting nutritious food and proper activities.

In most of the reputed daycare centers in South Pasadena, CA, they offer nutritious lunch to their student which is made according to the advice of the pediatric nutritionist. Moreover, they keep their children always engaged in different activities so that the children develop well both mentally and physically. Most of the good childcare centers aim at the full development of a child rather than their monetary return.

Child psychologist thinks that you do not have to spend tons of money for the development of your child. A simple action is enough to do that. They advise parents to spend more time with the child and encourage him or her in different activities like a treasure hunt, solving puzzles, building blocks, reading out loud, rhyming with action, etc. All these activities help a lot in the mental and physical development of a preschooler. Along with boosting your baby’s brain development, it also helps to create a bond with the children.

Like activity, Diet also plays an important role in children’s development. Certain brain foods may help to boost a child’s brain growth, improve brain function; memory, and concentration, and develop cognitive skills. Most of the nutritionist thinks that the egg is an excellent food for children. The nutrients and protein present in the eggs sharpen their intelligence and enhances concentration power. Fish also is a good source of vitamin D and Omega-3. This omega- 3 protects the brain from declining mental skills and sharpens memory. Salmon, tuna, sardines, etc. fish are good sources of omega-3s. The more fish you will add to your child’s daily diet, the more they will be mentally alert and will be able to focus on their study. Packed with proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals nuts and seeds are important for kids to boost their nervous system. Oats and pulses are also important to enhance their physical strength. Be sure that your children eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily because fruits and vegetables are loaded with minerals and vitamins which keep your children mentally and physically active.