How to Stop your Kid’s Phone Addiction?

Children around 8 to 18 are addicted to the mobile phone, laptops, and television. According to the research, they spend around 44.5 hours in front of the screen. That increases compulsive internet usage and decreases real interaction with the world. When it comes to kids they are also phone addicted and always busy with their cartoons and kids' shows. As per stats, 67% of parents confirmed that their kids are being negatively distracted by mobile devices.

Childcare Pasadena CA, experts have mentioned some points read carefully that will help you to cure your kids from phone addiction.

Address the problem

As parents, you need to discuss the problem. If you are a working parent maybe you don’t have enough time to spend with your kid but it is necessary to compromise with your desired goal and approach your child. Sometimes we forget that our children need time to discuss with us. Maybe that is the reason, why the kids are addicted to the internet or phone. You need to give proper timing and show concern about their goods and bad.

Show your care

It will be a good choice if you feel your kids continuously that you love them. That can be a good choice for their happiness and wellbeing. Tell them what you observed in their behavior and refer to those changes in specific terms: declining grades, fatigue, giving up hobbies, social withdrawal, etc. decide a limited internet time log—tell your child that you have seen how much time they spend online each.

Become more computer-savvy

First, you need to learn the phone and laptop technology. That will help you to check the history folders and internet logs. Also, installing filters all need a degree of computer savvies. You must be comfortable with the computer, at least enough to know what your child is doing online. Use the internet and learn about where your youngster goes online.

Set reasonable rules and boundaries

Most parents become angry with their kids after seeing the sign of addiction and take the computer away as a punishment. Which is not good you kid will look at you as the enemy instead of an ally, and they will suffer real withdrawal symptoms of anger, nervousness, and irritability. You can talk politely and play the games for limited internet usage with the reward. Allow maybe an hour each night after homework and a few extra weekend hours. Stick to your rules, and don’t forget that you are not trying to control your child or change who they are. You are working to help them free themselves from psychological dependence.

Final words

These are some points you need to consider if you want that your child will not be trapped in phone addiction. With all these above-mentioned points you also need to discuss with their school teacher about their behavior. Preschool Pasadena CA must suggest to you that it is the only concern of time, time, and time that you give your kids. So please focus on giving them appropriately to discuss with you their whole day.