How to Prepare Your Kids for the Preschool

Starting preschool is a significant achievement for both your child and you. Learning to spend time apart can be a challenging change but starting the formal learning path is also thrilling. Here you can find some important tips to prepare your kids for their Montessori Academy.

  1. Pay a joint visit

    Plan to visit your child's new school together before their first day if you are possible. Play on the playground and explore the classroom together. The school will be a familiar place for them when they arrive on the first day.

  2. Meet new people

    Arrange a playdate with youngsters from your child's class if feasible. This will allow them to get to know one another before the start of school.

  3. Play school at home with your children.

    Pretend play can assist your youngster to become acquainted with the concept of preschool. Take turns playing out rituals like story time, singing songs, and nap time. You may even reverse the roles and make your youngster the instructor. This can help your youngster see school as a happy place and lessen worry on the first day.

  4. Make getting ready skills a game.

    Practice buttoning and zippering clothing, putting on a backpack and hanging a coat or jacket on a hook. You could make putting on shoes a game by seeing how quickly you can accomplish it!

  5. Please share your experience.

    Montessori teachers of Pasadena CA suggest parents sharing their Preschool experience with their children would be of great help. Find preschool images of yourself or other trusted adults your kid knows and discuss them together if possible.

  6. Make a new regimen.

    Begin practicing your child's new bedtime and wake-up time several weeks before school begins — choose a bedtime that will offer a decent night's sleep and a wake-up time that will allow neither of you to rush in the morning. This will give you both time to adjust.

    You might even establish a new habit of selecting our clothing together the night before school and eating breakfast together in the morning if you are able.

  7. Pay attention to your youngster.

    Inquire about your child's sentiments about going to Montessori Academy and reassure them that feeling thrilled, anxious, or any other emotion is okay. Starting anything new might be intimidating and overwhelming – but it can also be a lot of fun! Assure your child that you will be there to pick them up at the end of the day and discuss the routines you will follow.

  8. Make a goodbye strategy.

    Both you and your child may find it tough to say goodbye! When the moment comes, try to keep your goodbye brief and cheerful, assuring your youngster that you will see one other again soon. You may also create a particular ritual to assist calm your child, such as singing a song together or performing a specific handshake.