How To Keep Your Child’s Skin And Hair Healthy In Monsoon

The rainy season provides a welcome respite from the sweltering summer heat. It also means additional playtime for kids who enjoy getting wet in the rain, jumping in puddles, and playing in muddy water! However, as much as youngsters like the rainy season, it is also a good time to take special attention to your Montessori going child's skin and hair.

The humid months can cause a variety of skin and hair problems, particularly in babies, such as heat boils, rashes, and dandruff. Such issues, on the other hand, can be easily addressed at home by following a few easy practices.

Here are some helpful hints for protecting your child's skin and hair during the wet monsoon season.

Use gentle soap while giving bath - Bath time is an excellent opportunity to interact with your child. A daily bath isn't necessary during the monsoons; two to three times per week is fine. Using lukewarm water, bathe your child. You have the option of using baby soap or baby wash. Keep an eye on the soap ingredients to ensure they're gentle, free of parabens, dyes, and phthalates, and safe for a child's sensitive skin.

Make sure their clothes are properly dried - During the rainy season, dampness in clothing is particularly prevalent. Eagle Rock, CA child care experts suggest parents dry kids’ clothes properly before using them. If necessary, lightly press the fabric to make it dry and comfortable to wear; otherwise, it may cause rashes and itching. To prevent fungus from forming on the garments, rinse them with an antiseptic/medicated solution while they are being washed. Fabrics that irritate the skin, such as synthetic and nylon, should be avoided. During this time of year, cotton clothing is preferable.

Ensure they wash their hands properly - Children are naturally interested and enjoy touching everything they come across. The child's innate inquisitiveness makes him or her vulnerable to infection. As soon as your child returns from outside and before all mealtimes, make sure he washes his hands well with soap. Montessori Eagle Rock, CA teachers keep hand sanitisers handy to safeguard their students from skin diseases and allergies during the monsoon season.

Rinse their hair with gentle shampoo - During the monsoons, moisture and sweat tend to clog the pores on your child's scalp, so you'll notice more tangled hair and an itchy scalp. To maintain the scalp clean and healthy, wash your child's hair twice or three times a week. This relieves the cradle cap while also revitalising the scalp and hair. To remove any dirt and pollutants from your child's hair, wash it with a gentle shampoo. Make sure the shampoo has a pH balance and is easy to rinse.

Use a good moisturiser - Children's skin is extremely sensitive, and excessive humidity levels don't help matters, since they might lead to rashes or skin infections. So make sure you're using a moisturising lotion that will protect your child's skin from dryness and irritation throughout the day. You can also get a nice moisturising lotion for your baby's face that absorbs quickly and cares for his fragile skin.