How To Include Nature In The Learning Of Child?

There is a saying that we are just custodians of this world; we have to look after it as we have to pass it to our next generation. Now more than ever it is important that we take care of the world we are living in and teach our next generation to not make the mistakes we or our previous generation made. And this teaching should start as early as when the child is going to his or her Montessori in Eagle Rock, CA. There are many ways to bring nature into the learning of the child; it is not necessary that he or she only learns that in school. You as a parent should also be responsible for teaching children especially preschoolers how to be environmentally conscious.

Start a garden

Nothing teaches children more about nature than starting their own garden. It is not necessary that you need a garden to help children learn about how plants grow; you can start your indoor garden with some easy-to-grow indoor plants. Herbs garden is also another great way to teach your child about nature and also encourage him or her to eat healthily. Do each step with him/her from soaking the seed, planting it, and nurturing it every day. Explain each step in the manner he or she understands best, and also encourage the child to ask questions. Apart from learning about plants, the joy of growing something and then using it in their meal will make the child super eager to do it future as well.

Go on a scavenger hunt

Doing activities outdoor is another great way to introduce nature to your child. One of the best ways to utilize it fully is doing a scavenger hunt. Give the child a list of items that are most commonly found in your neighborhood and let the child find them. It can be as simple as a fallen leaf to dandelion or pinecone. This not only teaches the child to look at his or her surrounding environment but also improves gross/fine motor skills and problem-solving skills. Of course, you guide them along when they are doing this activity.

Teach about a real local issue

Every locality has one or another environmental issue that is plaguing them. By making children even those in Montessori Eagle Rock, CA an active stakeholder, you will not only teach the child about the real-world issue but also make him or her aware of the world they need to protect. By encouraging them to be involved in real environmental issues from early childhood, you will make them a better individual who is aware of their carbon footprint and role in keeping this world safe. Encourage them to question about the issues, ask for their viewpoints and ideas regarding the issue and take them to see the result of their involvement in the issue. That way, the child will learn critical thinking, how to solve a problem, and also how to work with others to solve an issue.

So, these are some of the ways you can bring nature into the life of your little one and make sure they are ready to make a better world than ours when they grow up.