How to Help Your Kids to Explore Nature?

Do you know that exploring nature fosters children's intellectual, emotional, social and physical development? Being outside and surrounded by nature is very helpful for children as they can experience an ever-changing and free-flowing environment that stimulates their senses. As a parent, you can encourage and help your child to explore nature. To help you out Montessori La Canada Flintridge CA is sharing some activities to do with your little ones to help them know mother nature in a better and positive way.

Outdoor sticky mural :

Exploring nature helps kids to be thoughtful and creative. Nature is considered to be an art and kids can also create their art using the elements from nature. They can create an outdoor sticky mural where they can stick leaves, petals, flowers, etc in any pattern of their choice. Through this activity, kids will try to create a different pattern using different elements from nature. This will help them to develop their thinking skill and creativity.

Growing seeds :

In Childcare Altadena CA, kids get the opportunity to grow seeds. It is awesome watching a tiny seed growing into a strong plant. To grow seeds kids, need to have a glass tumbler, wet cotton and regular beans for the seeds. They can keep the wet cotton inside the tumbler, put the seed under just one layer of cotton and keep the whole thing under sunlight. They will be amazed to see that after a few days some roots are growing from the seed and it is growing into a plant. Through this activity, kids will learn to appreciate this marvel of nature and learn that all living things have some needs to grow.

Making nature faces :

In this activity, kids will be allowed to go on a nature walk and pick up whatever treasures they come across and then they can use all those to make funny nature faces. This activity helps kids to observe nature very carefully and pick up the stuff that they can use as the eyes, nose or lips while creating the natural face.

Bug hunting :

Bugs fly, buzz and can even light up. Kids think that bugs are cool, so they get easily attracted to the bugs. Montessori La Canada Flintridge CA, teachers take their students for bug hunting and encourage them to take some time to observe them in the school backyard garden. For observing the bugs minutely children can use a magnifying glass. This type of nature activity improves children’s observation skills, they learn to see things in detail.

Creating Rock art :

Creating Rock art is a very famous nature activity kids do in Childcare Altadena CA. Kids go for Rock hunting adventure and gather rocks of different shapes, sizes, and colors. They can paint the rocks in different colors or can draw funny faces or animals on them. For doing all these nature activities kids need to go out to explore nature, so adults need to be observant and careful to make the experience safe and enjoyable for kids.