How to cure your child of the cold?

A cold is not fun for any child; it chops the nose and affects the breath. This is very common at an early age but as a parent or caregiver, you need to take care of your child. If you notice your kiddo is facing sneezing and coughing you need to take off your kid. Here are the tips for you from our Montessori Eagle Rock CA experts on what they try in their school for their kids.

Read it carefully:

Avoid contact with a sick person

Mucous droplets ejected by sneezing or coughing can easily infect others when they come in close contact with them. In research, it is noticed that 64% of parents refuges to hug or kiss their child if they are suffering from a cold. That is a very good sign to avoid the virus.

Clear clogged nasal passages

We don’t recommend medicated nasal sprays for kids. You can try some other easy ways to clear up a stuffy nose without medication.

Use a cool-mist humidifier in your kids' room. This will help break up mucus. Carefully clean the humidifier between uses to keep mold from developing in the machine.

Also, you can use a saline nasal spray or drops, which makes thin mucus that will easily blow out. Try this before feeding and bedtime.

Plenty of fluids

Keep your child hydrated during the cold This is very crucial, and it will help to feel better. A cold or cough can make your child lazy, that is why they deny eating or drinking much. Offer small amounts of food and especially liquids like soup, juice, or applesauce. try to give them in an egg cup or even a shot glass it will be enough wonder to captivate them and frozen treats like Popsicles. Our experts say you can try some fruity hibiscus tea, cooled, it will look like juice but not nearly as sweet.

Sponge Bath

It is suggested by experts to give a sponge bath to your child. Tylenol or Advil with lukewarm water. It will help to bring a fever down within an hour than medication alone. However, if your child is already chilled, totally avoid the sponging.

Choosing the Right Medication

Last but not least this is very crucial to the right medication for your kid. If you feel your child needs an over-the-counter (OTC) cold medication, give them a product developed for children and carefully read the amount to avoid any harm, and make sure you get the right dose.

For example, you have given them a multi-symptom product that includes a cough suppressant but your kid has a stuffy nose without coughing.


The list does not end here but these are some tips you should try at home while your kids are facing cold issues and fighting the virus. Instead, if you are looking for a Preschool in Eagle Rock CA, we are an experienced team to offer you the best education and care for your kids. Send your child for better learning.