How kids can take care of the Nature

Kids share a special relationship with nature; they become so happy at the chance to go out to the park or beach and play for some time. It is the parents’ responsibility to translate this love of the outdoors into a lifelong commitment to taking care of nature. Teaching kids to take care of the environment perhaps the best thing parents can do for them. In Montessori South Pasadena, CA, kids learn the importance of respecting the natural resources and the world they live in. Though it is not possible to create the perfect world, it can be possible to provide kids with enough opportunities to make this world a better place to live in.

Through the below mentioned fun ways, you can help children understand the importance of caring for the environment.
  • With kids, you can participate in the local initiatives (like tree plantation or save water campaign) taken for the betterment of the environment.
  • Visiting nature reserves will be helpful.
  • There must be recycling centers in and around your locality; try to go there and encourage your kids to involve in the whole process.
  • You can try and do some activity where you can recycle and re-use some household objects like they can decorate a sauce jar and use it as a pencil stand or a flower vase.
  • If possible, you can create a compost patch in your garden and watch your food waste decompose and turning into fertilizer for the plants in your garden.

Educating kids about the importance of taking care of nature in Montessori South Pasadena, CA, can certainly make a difference but instilling environment-friendly values at home can make an even bigger impact. You can follow the below-mentioned tips to teach your children to be more responsible towards the mother nature:

  • Take your kids to the nearby park and talk to them about the joy of living in a world that is green, clean and well preserved
  • Encourage your kids not to throw garbage on the street or in the park. If they have garbage to dispose of, you can help them find the nearest bin and explain to them the importance of keeping the area clean.
  • Have a garden in your backyard or terrace and teach your kids to take care of the garden. This will make them more responsible for the planet.
  • Talk to them about water conservation. Remind them to turn off the tap when brushing teeth and take a bucket bath instead of a shower. You can also teach your children about water saver gardening through plant selection and the proper way of watering a lawn and garden.
  • The teachers always encourage children to turn off the lights before leaving the room.
  • Remind them to turn off the TV or any other electronic devices if it is not used.
  • Try to use recyclable containers instead of using disposables like using a cloth napkin or carrying a handkerchief instead of tissue papers.
  • Sometimes you can go for short trips by walking instead of driving.

More than anything else, parents and teachers need to be the role model in front of kids as they learn the best by following the adults.