How Has The Corona Virus Affected The Education Of Montessori Children?

The outbreak of the deadly pandemic of the coronavirus has brought a grinding halt to the ordinary lives of people all over the world. People have been made to remain restricted to their houses in the quest of maintaining social distance to prevent the spread of this infection. The education system has seen a rapid transformation over the last five months. At Preschool La Canada Flintridge, CA, education for children has been shifted to complete online mode. Teachers are teaching lessons and making children do several activities via video meets in an online platform.

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the system of education
  • As a result of school closures, the parents are under enormous strain, and they have to maintain childcare and also manage distance learning when children are away from school. Since there are no alternative options for working parents, they are often compelled to leave children on their own to learn their lessons and activities. This may lead to risky behaviors such as the influence of peer pressures and abuse of substances.
  • Preschool La Canada Flintridge, CA says that the learning outcomes of children are profoundly affected by school closures. The schools provide a learning environment that instills interest among the kids to acquire learning. However, due to school closures, the children are deprived of the opportunities which can foster growth and development in them.
  • Nutrition and security of foods is another cause which affects the education system of children during the pandemic situation. Adequate nutrition is necessary for cognitive development as well as the academic performance of children. Also, schools often provide a nutritious meal system for children. The food of children may be compromised when the schools are closed due to the pandemic.
  • Since the schools are mostly conducting online classes, many students do not get access to online resources which are either paid or non-paid. Hence, such children are being deprived of receiving the education and thus lack behind the ones who can avail of the online classes.
  • As noticed by the teachers of playschools, due to the closure of schools and playschools, there is no proper method of evaluation or assessment of the lessons being taught to the students over online classes. As a result, children are facing a lot of challenges due to the disruption of their standard education process.

Hence, it can be understood that the future of children is entirely uncertain under the pressure of the biggest calamity the world is facing in the last decade. Besides, having futuristic impacts, there is a lot of economic and lifestyle crisis as well met by the parents of the children. Thus, as soon as the pandemic gets waived off from the world, parents must make their children acquire as much opportunities as possible from the schools as well as their teachers.