How Do Children Transition from Montessori To Traditional School?

One of the common questions that parents often ask how their child will adjust in the new environment of traditional school. Different children respond differently when they leave Montessori academy and go to the next higher level. But caregivers of both Montessori schools and next level primary schools think that children adjust quite well everywhere but some children take slightly longer time and find the traditional school a bit uncomfortable for the first few days. After that, they finely manage everything.

A quality Montessori school aims to teach children courtesy, respect, conflict resolution, socialization, and many more skills. These skills help children to adjust to the new environment. Experts say that parents also should help children so that they can adjust to the new situation.

In most of the quality Montessori academies at Pasadena, CA children are introduced to the basic teaching method. Other than academics, they learn socialization power, cooperation, self-esteem, self-dignity, cooperation, friendliness, empathy, etc. values of mankind and these qualities help them to cope with their new peers in a new ambiance.

In a preschool class, there are various types of children among which some are slow learners and some adapt very quickly. In an ideal Montessori- method, teachers offer adaptability-appropriate learning material to children. For this reason, all children of the same class do not have to follow the same teaching schedule at the same time. For this reason, some parents who have made the transition, have said their child was a little bit confused when they saw that everyone in the class need to follow the same thing at the same time. Some intelligent kids are bored at first time as they are ready to move the next concept before the rest of the class. According to the parents, most of the children adapted well to their new setting fairly quickly and make new friends easily.

In a preschool at Pasadena, CA, child experts say that parents must remember to model a positive attitude about transitions. They can also help their children adjust to change. Pay attention to what they say. Help them to fix the problem. Gain their confidence so that they will disclose every problem they are facing in the new school to you openly. Motivate your children to enjoy new school life. Offer practical advice to navigate changes.