How Cooking / Baking Can Help the Children

Do you know that cooking or baking can help young kids learn and practice some basic math concepts and language skills? And the experience of preparing food with you can help build their self-confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits. Though it will be a little time consuming and need some preparation work, Childcare Eagle Rock, CA teachers insist parents let the pre-schoolers help them in the kitchen. With the right expectations, your time in the kitchen with the toddlers can be a culinary adventure that you will forever remember and cherish.

How cooking or baking benefits pre-schoolers:

Building basic skills :

Cooking/baking helps children to hone some basic math skills by doing something as simple as counting eggs or pouring water into a measuring cup. They can also understand the concept of the sequence as they have to add ingredients in sequential order. While reading a recipe you are introducing new words to them and promoting language skills. According to the teachers of most of the Childcares, by listening to the recipe carefully they are developing their listening skills.

Bilateral coordination :

Baking is a good opportunity for kids to develop and use their hands in a coordinated way. Rolling balls of dough, rolling out dough with the rolling pin and flattening the door with the hands are all great ways through which kids can develop their bilateral coordination skills. These skills can help children to tie shoelaces, cut with scissors and draw a line with a ruler.

Hand-eye coordination :

In Childcare Eagle Rock, CA, caregivers encourage kids to participate in little chef challenges, as cooking/baking helps kids to have good hand-eye coordination. Pouring ingredients and batter into bowls and jugs or in tin cans are all good ways for kids to practice their hand-eye coordination. Decorating cookies or adding frosting on cupcakes also needs good hand-eye coordination.

Encourage an adventurous palate :

Most and the pre-schoolers are picky eaters and involving them in the kitchen activities may help them develop a healthy eating habit. While working in the kitchen, encourage your kids to taste new ingredients you are working with and talk about their likings and how healthy foods make a body grow.

Exploring with their senses :

Kids learn the best by exploring with their senses and the kitchen is a perfect place to be the explorer. They can listen to the whirling sound of the mixer grinder, pound dough and watch it rise, smell it getting baked in the oven and finally taste the warm bread fresh from the oven. As they are involved in the whole process, they may feel like giving it a try.

Boost confidence :

The kids love to share what they can do and working in the kitchen provides opportunities to have a sense of accomplishment. If they are helping you in the kitchen, appreciate their efforts. This will help them to be confident to try out new things.

Children always enjoy playing and learning with parents. If they are in the kitchen with you, try to be extra observant about their safety. Spending time in the kitchen with your little ones can foster an interest in trying different foods and cooking that will last for life.