4 DIY HalloweenCostume Ideas For Preschool Class Party

One of the main things your pre-schooler is looking forward to this month is the Halloween party at his or her Preschool South Pasadena, CA. Many schools only allow DIY costumes for pre-schoolers and if your Montessori La Canada Flintridge, CA is one of them, here are some DIY ideas you might want to explore depending on your sewing level.

  1. One of the easiest DIY costumes for your pre-schooler can be a stop sign. Dress your child in grey pants and red tops. Create the stop sign using cardboard cut as an octagon and you can paint the sign using a marker pen. To go a little extra mile, cut strips of green felts and glue it to a green sock as grass. Tie the cardboard around the waist using a red ribbon and your walking stop sign costume is ready.
  2. Does your child have a sibling or best friend in the same class? Then you can make a lime and lemon costume easily for them. All you need is a oversized plain t-shirt in yellow or green, white felt and glue. Place the felt on one side of t-shirt and cut a half circle. Then fold the half and cut Triangle shapes from that half. Using a felt brush, spread glue on one side of the felt and press gently on the t-shirt. Let it dry and you have your costume ready. A black legging will go well with the t-shirt. Make sure you co-ordinate with the other mom from your child’s Preschool South Pasadena, CA so that the slices make a circle when the stand side by side.
  3. A mid-level DIY dress for your child can be Lady Liberty. You will need foam chair pad, Green Styrofoam cone, green fabric according to size of your child, a flashlight and sewing items like marker, scissors, etc. Place a headband on the foam to measure the head circumference of the child and cut a hole from the pad. Make the Statue of Liberty shape above the hole and further cut the foam. Draw the crown with a black marker. Using a knife, make a hole on the Styrofoam cone and place the flashlight in it. As for the dress, drape your child in it and tie it on one shoulder. Cut a hole for the other arm and her dress is ready. All she needs now are some books and she ready to shine the light.
  4. For your little man, a football field can be a good DIY costume for his Montessori La Canada Flintridge, CA Halloween party. All you need are two green turf mats which you can easily buy cheap in Dollar stores. You will also need a small toy football, white craft paint and other accessories. Measure the child with the mat (it should start from the chest area and go up to his knees) and mark the sides of the mats equally with the white paints in little distance. Write 50 in one end and Touchdown in another. Glue the toy football in between. Use ribbons to attach the two mats to each other and complete the costume with football gears like helmets and knee pads.