Grandparents Day – The Purpose And Importance Of The Day

If you have a toddler at home, you may have enjoyed seeing your child bonding with their grandparents. The very special and lovely relationship between the grandparents and their grandchildren is something to be cherished and celebrated. Every year, people around the world celebrate this relationship on different days. For example, in the USA it is celebrated on the first Sunday after LaborDay, in Australia on the last Sunday of October, in Brazil on 26th July. But many people assume that Grandparents Day is celebrated to promote the businesses of the florists, greeting card companies, or gift item manufacturers. As per the teachers of Daycare South Pasadena, CA, Grandparents Day is a day for celebrating the bonding between the generations and its origin is noncommercial.

Origin of Grandparents Day :

The origin of this day roots back to the innovative initiatives taken by two committed and passionate pioneers: Jacob Reingold and Marian McQuade. It was not a holiday invented to sell cards and flowers. The west Virginian mother McQuade wanted a special day to celebrate and honor the grandparents around the world. So she began campaigns to establish a day of recognition for grandparents.

Purpose of celebrating Grandparents Day :

The main purpose of celebrating Grandparents Day is to honor grandparents, to give them an opportunity to show their love for their grandchildren and definitely to help children know of the potency, and support older people can offer in the upbringing process of a child. They hold the family history in their hearts; they are the roots that tie one generation to their past, they share the stories and love that bind their grandchildren.

Daycare South Pasadena, CA teachers celebrate Grandparents Day with their students as this day can help to make children more aware of the many ways in which their grandparents often influence their emotional development and education. It is a good time for everybody to reflect on the guidance they receive from older generations and to show their love and respect. The bond between the grandparents and grandchildren is so special that it not only enriches the younger ones’ lives but also help to shape up their personalities.

Simple ideas to celebrate Grandparents day :

According to the Daycare South Pasadena, CA teachers, the Grandparents' day celebration need not be an elaborate event with lots of gifts and foods. Instead, the day can be celebrated in a very simple way. For example, take out some time to visit your grandparents, and perhaps having a meal with them will make them more than happy. This day is a great time to share some family stories or look at some old pictures. Arrange for some board games, card games, or puzzles; or you can simply go for an outing with your grandparents. If you are staying far away from each other, give a phone call to your grandparents, text them, FaceTime or Skype with them. You can even be a little old fashioned and write a letter to them. Please remember, any small gesture towards them will make them feel the happiest grandparents of the world.