Grace and courtesy: What kind of teaching manners and etiquettes are taught in Montessori School?

There are millions of Montessori schools across the world and they offerunique preschool programs for toddlers, infants according to scientific vision. Montessori La Canada Flintridge, CA is the institution which follows this rule. But apart from learning the lessons, Montessori helps the kids to teach proper manners and etiquettes so that your child can grow up with a positive attitude which will differ from others. Grace and courtesy should be an important part of these schools which make them very special.So, teaching manners and etiquettes should be taught in each and every Montessori schools.

Here some of the manners and etiquettes which are taught in preschools are mentioned below. Have a look at it.

  • Preschool Pasadena, CA trains their kids to utter simple ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ during any conversation which helps to develop their kindness. This basic thing will help those children to interact with unknown faces during an interaction which will portray their proper manner to those faces.
  • To train with proper behaviour, a teacher should always keep in mind about a child’s age. According to the age of a child, a guide should teach the steps of behaving properly. As an example, toddlers can be taught to sneeze into a handkerchief or tissue before throwing it.
  • Table manners are one of the important etiquettes a child should learn from Preschool Pasadena, CA. There are several table manners which include- Montessori teaches the kids how to set the table so that the kids can help their mothers to set the table while mothers are preparing the meal. Setting a table means some things such as tablecloths, drinking water bottles and glasses, utensils, napkins to be put nicely in an appropriate location. Arranging the flowers in the dinner table is also an important job while setting the table.
    Before starting to have lunch or dinner or any kind of food or snacks kids should be taught to wash their hands with hand washer. If they are messed up then they must wash their faces too.
    While sitting at the table for having food, a child should be trained to pull or push the chair quietly without any sound or little sound.
    Eating the food in a polite manner is also as important as other manners. Montessori trains their children on how to chew the food without opening the mouth and not talking while having it.
    Training on cleaning up their own dishes after their meal is also provided by Montessori so that they can apply it for a lifetime in their houses.

Montessori La Canada Flintridge, CA teaches and trains these manners and etiquettes properly to their children so that they grow up as an excellent human being. Learning proper manners and etiquettes are mandatory to have in every child and thus they can succeed in their future.