Get Your Kids To Make Christmas Decorations.

The festive season is upon us and with the winter in full swing, it's time to turn your attention to festive decoration for Christmas. With schools out and kids at home, it is a great opportunity to have them involved in decorating your home.

In this blog, you will get ideas on how to get your little ones engaged with you while you decorate your home. They will require your guidance and supervision. In the end, they will find it very exciting once they see how their creation is being used to decorate the house.

  1. Threading decorations - threading decorations is the perfect answer on how to keep your little one's hands busy. This is the activity where you don't have to give too much input. You can simply cut out some circles from cards and make some notches around the side and holes in the middle. Hand over some woolen threads to your kids and ask them to be creative while passing the thread through the notches and holes.
  2. Spiral Christmas tree - These are hanging Christmas trees made by cutting cardboards in a spiral manner. According to experts associated with child care centers, this particular art and craft present a great chance to hone the scissor skills of your kids. Draw and trace a spiral Christmas tree on a green card. You can also color a white card in green and then draw on it. Once you have made the trace, under supervision, ask your kids to cut it along the line. Then decorate it with glitters, pom-poms, and stickers. Finally, hang them from the top.
  3. Paper plate angels - if you have some extra paper plates lying around then you can use them to make angels. Take a white color paper plate and cut a deep triangle which will act as the robe of the angel. The remaining plate will act as the wings. Ask your kids to paint some lines for the wings. You can use any bright colors. Gold glitters look good in them. Then cut out an angel’s face from a piece of white card and have your kid draw a face in it. Take a piece of straw or pipe cleaner, bend it and tape it behind the face to make a halo. Then paste the head on the top of the triangle(the robe) and paste the whole triangle in the middle of the plate with the triangle pointing towards the cutout point in the plate.
  4. Snowman pegs - Get a pack of wooden clothes pegs. These are easily available in stores around Pasadena, CA. Color them white. Once the paint is dry, draw eyes and buttons using a black marker. Take a small orange pom-pom and paste it as the nose of the snowman. For the scarf, wrap a piece of pipe cleaner. Repeat the same process for the other pegs. You can use various colors for the scarf. Once complete, hang the pegs using metal wires for decorations.