Excellent Winter Hair Care Tips For Kids

The winter air can be brutal on your child’s natural hair. The dry air blot out moisture and makes hair dry and brittle. In the winter, the sun is closer to the Earth, hence the effects of the sun’s UV rays reflected on the snow worsens and cause damage to the hair, especially the cuticle. Moreover, the constant back and forth between freezing temperature outside and hotter temperature indoors makes their hair even more vulnerable to damage. As dry air makes it difficult to retain moisture, it can lead to breakage and split ends. Tangles are most common during winter and can lead to knotty brittle hair. Dry winter air also causes dry flaky skin on the scalp which is commonly known as dandruff.

Regular hair care should be the part of everyday childcare regime. There are plenty of tips and tricks that will help to protect your child’s hair from the harsh winter air. Here are some advices regarding hair care, comes from a hair specialist of Altadena, CA.

To protect the hair from direct contact with dry winter air, provide your children with hats and scarves. Hat and scarf work as shields for hair against dry air.

Regular oil massage of hair is necessary to retain moisture of the hair and it should be included in the daily child care regime. Take a few drops of baby hair oil and massage it on the hair. Instead of it, you can also take olive oil, almond oil, or virgin coconut oil for massaging purposes. Oil massage along with moisturizing the hair hydrates it and saves your hair from breakage. It is always better to massage oil at bedtime so that the hair gets an adequate time to absorb moisturizer. If it is not possible, massage it at least an hour before taking bath and cover the hair with a cotton and silk cloth for speedy absorption.

Always use a kids shampoo on kids’ hair because this specially designed shampoo is mild in comparison to adult shampoo. Do not forget to use conditioner after doing shampoo. After using shampoo and conditioner be sure that you wash hair well because residue chemicals may harm the hair says a caregiver in a childcare center in Altadena, CA.

Do not wash your kids’ hair every day because regular washing makes hair look dull and dry and lose its natural shine. Do not use hot water on hair, little warm water is better because hot water makes hair dry and becomes the cause of breakage. After washing the hair, wipe the water with a soft towel gently and make it dry. It is always better to dry hair naturally than use a hair drier on small children.

Sometimes the hair becomes very dry in spite of taking every precaution. Mix water and any hair oil in a sprayer in a 1:1 ratio. Spray this mixture on your child’s hair before combing or brushing. It will keep hair moist, hydrated, and set.

Apart from taking all care, children need to drink lots of water to keep their hair and the whole body hydrated. It is truly difficult to get your child to drink water during the winter since it is cold. You may add their favoriteflavor to boost drinking.