Excellent Tips to Select the Right Preschool for Your Toddler

The impact of early education on the child is quite profound as it will build the cornerstone of the future. There are a few parents who don’t think much to select the Preschool in La Canada Flintridge and get admission to the one that they come across first. However, the number of such parents is limited. The rest of them are actually quite conscious about the first educational institute for their toddlers. Perplexed and confused, they are looking for advice from pro-educator on how to select the right Montessori school where their apples of the eyes can have a great time besides learning some important lessons of their life.

We are here to make your struggle easier with some excellent tips on selecting the preschool that is apt for your child.

1. Curriculum: During this toddlers’ age, the children best learn through play. They must enjoy block games, color palette, dancing, singing under the sun. Any superior Montessori in Pasadena, CA should not have children sitting in their classroom and finishing their worksheets only for days. The kids going to the playschool are so tender in age that only classroom teachings like the formal school are not obviously for them. According to Montessori methodology, the best curriculum for preschool includes lots of colorful books, language experience, pre-writing activities, clay modeling, sensory play, enhancing the gross motor skills and many other fun-filled elements.

2. Teaching Staff: The teachers of Preschool La Canada Flintridge are the first guide of the children apart from their mothers. They just don’t have to be loving and caring; there are some other qualities every teacher must have. While talking to the child they should get down to the eye level of the kids. The children must take their teachers into confident and share their feelings. When you will take the tour of the playschool, you must notice the children’s behavior around their teacher and their reciprocal interaction. The classrooms must be filled with laughter, giggles and smiles.

3. Atmosphere: If the school is following the methodology of the Montessori in Pasadena, CA, then everything in the classroom should be meant for the kids only. From the size of the furniture to colorful labeling on the wall, everything must be customized to make the kids comfortable. It is not necessary that the classroom should be huge, but there must be adequate space so that the child can move freely. The space must have the feeling that it belongs to them only.

4. Safety Issue: Whenever you are leaving your little munchkin in a new place, the safety issue should take into consideration. You have to see whether every corner of the school is covered by CCTV camera from which you can get the live feed on your smart phone. Check the student-teacher ratio of every class. And finally, inquire about the emergency plan for the kids.

5. Schedule For Classroom: When you will be enquiring about the curriculum, you must know the schedule of the class. For little kids, there must be nap time. They must be allowed to play in small groups and have one-on-one time with the teacher as well. They must have ample time in play ground playing, climbing, and running under the sunlight.