Educational Games Children Should Play In Preschool

Are you in need of ideas for group games that the children in Preschool South Pasadena, CA can play? Coming up with games that are also educational and fun is a tough task. However, it is believed that children tend to learn the best through play.

Moreover, the games they indulge in are considered one of the greatest ways to structure their foundational skills. Therefore, we have compiled a list of games the children can take part in easily and learn so much more.

Educational Games Children Should Play :

Research has shown that active games are great for building gross motor skills. Moreover, quiet games are beneficial towards improving concentration, honing problem-solving abilities, enhancing listening skills, etc. Following, we have mentioned some games you should introduce to the kids.

● Simon Says :

Simon Says is one of the classic games that has debuted in many events. The flexibility allows one to alter it to fit any particular needs. It can be an indoor game, as well as an outdoor game.

You, as an educator, can be Simon, while the children can be the other participants. Then, the chosen person for the role of Simon will give out a set of commands, and the children must follow them out. When you want the children to follow the command, utter ‘Simon Says.’; otherwise, only say the command.

If the children end up following the command without you saying, ‘Simon Says,’ he is out of the game. This game holds the potential to build their gross motor skills and fine motor skills. In addition, kids will develop good listening skills as well.

● Broken Telephone

It is one of the quietest games that is best when played indoors. First, you must make the children sit in a circle. Then, one person in the circle will begin to whisper a sentence into the person’s ear sitting next to them. Then, that person will pass on the message to the next person.

The cycle of passing the message will continue until it reaches the last person. Ultimately, the last person will say the sentence out loud. The goal of the game is very simple. It is to keep the message intact around the circle.

This is one of the games that are great for listening skills. Moreover, it will also enhance children’s interaction and specialization skills. With that, children will learn sound recognition.

● Story Time Clap

It is one of the other quiet games that preschoolers can play indoors. While playing this game, choose to either tell any story or to read a book. Then, whenever you end up saying any particular word, or phrase throughout the reading session, the children must clap each time they hear it.

Similar to the game that we mentioned above, it is also one of the recreational activities that can develop sound recognition and listening skills. What is better is that it will aid in their language development.