Different types of autism spectrum disorders found in children

Did you know that Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental delay in children which affects their social and communication skills? Kids can suffer from different types of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and can behave differently. While some may need extreme or moderate care, others may not need much help and could be capable of living an independent life. Preschool Eagle Rock, CA observed that kids suffering from ASD may exhibit repetitive body movements and have difficulty in conversation. But they may have an exceptionally sharp memory.

Different types of ASD:

Various types of ASD are listed below to help you understand them better and provide your support accordingly to the affected ones.

Asperger’s Syndrome

Asperger’s Syndrome is one of the milder types of ASD. Mostly kids having Asperger’s Syndrome are normally intelligent and are quite independent in doing their tasks. Many a time it has been seen that kids with this syndrome face problem in socializing with others. This type of autism is also nicknamed as “geek syndrome.”

Pervasive Development Disorder

Children with Pervasive Developmental Disorder, show less or least symptoms of autism as compared to children affected with other forms of autism. Normally they don’t face any difficulty in socializing and communicating with others. Preschool Eagle Rock, CA teachers have seen many kids recover faster when this condition is diagnosed early. Changing the diet, taking up social skills classes, and occupational therapies can help them recover soon.

Autistic Disorder

This is also known as Kanner’s syndrome and is one of the most severe and common types of autism disorders. Kids having autistic disorder are not able to develop their social and communication skills properly. Normally they are very sensitive touch, light, sound, and smell.

Rett Syndrome

You must be surprised to know that Rett Syndrome is a genetic disorder affecting mostly girls. The symptoms of this disorder can be evident in girls from the age of 6 months. But the good part is, this can be diagnosed medically and girls having this disorder find it difficult to develop their communication skills. Rett syndrome doesn’t allow children to use their hands and is often termed as a progressive form of autism. Some other intense symptoms of this form of autism include teeth grinding, mental retardation, and delayed growth which may be evident as the child starts growing up.

Childhood Disintegrative Syndrome

You may not be well acquainted with this term instead you may have heard of Heller’s Syndrome. This is a rare type of autism and some doctors co-relate this to seizure disorders. It is considered as one of the complex disorders as it gets severe only after the age of 2-years. Children having this type of disorder develop normally until the age of 2 but after that things start getting worse. Early diagnosis of this syndrome will help the child improve through speech, occupational, and behavioral therapy.
Though it is a burning issue now, In India people do not talk much about autism. But things are changing slowly gradually. People are becoming more aware of it and hopefully knowing about different types of autism will be helpful for the betterment of our society.