3 Creative Dr. Seuss Inspired Crafts You Can Do With Your Kids

Do your kids love reading or listening to the stories of Dr. Seuss?

Do you want to have some craft time with your kids?

Then you can make some Dr. Seuss inspired preschool crafts with your kiddo. In their Montessori Pasadena, CA kids end up having a fun time with these activities.

So, if you are planning to make your very own Dr. Seuss themed art and craft, you will need a few simple materials and a bit of creativity to get started.

Lorax Toilet Paper Roll Craft : If your kid is a Dr. Seuss lover, then he must be knowing that Lorax is a cute character that appears in the legend’s books.

Materials needed :
  • Colored construction paper
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Green or black permanent marker
Instructions :
  • Cut off 1/3 rd of the toilet paper roll and take a circle cut out from the construction paper. This will be the face and you will be showing all the facial features on it.
  • Cut out shapes for the mustache and eyebrows from the yellow construction paper and arms from the orange paper. Make the slits using the scissors to give it a unique look.
  • Wrap the toilet roll with the orange construction paper.
  • Paste those tiny arms to the sides of the toilet roll.
  • To make eyes, use white construction paper. Montessori Pasadena, CA kids use a black and green marker for drawing the details on the eye.
  • Glue eyes, mustache, and eyebrows on the orange circle and paste that on the top of the toilet paper roll to complete the face.
Dr. Seuss Fridge Magnets :

Making your very own Dr. Seuss fridge magnets is a fun activity to do with your kids. It does not take much time or effort to make them

Material needed :
  • Any old or used Dr. Seuss book
  • Glass marbles
  • Tiny magnets
  • Mod-podge
  • Glue and brush
Instructions :
  • Cut out a few pictures from any old Dr. Seuss books. Lay them on a table and place the glass gems on top.
  • Trim the excess part and use the mod-podge to brush the fronts of the cutout fronts.
  • Paste those cutouts to the flat sides of the glass marbles and let them dry.
  • Then add glue dots to the front of your tiny magnets and stick those to the back of the cutouts.
  • Once they are dry, your Dr. Seuss fridge magnets are ready.
Green Eggs and Ham Craft :

In Montessori Pasadena, CA, kids make these eggs in their art and craft classes.

Materials needed :
  • Slime
  • Green craft foam/gems
Instructions :
  • You can buy or follow the recipe and make slime at home. Try to give it the shape of a pancake.
  • For the egg yolk, cutout some green craft foam or gems and layer it on the eggs.
  • Use a tiny spatula to flip them and keep them in an airtight container.

So, if you see your kids are getting bored with playing with the same old blocks and playdoughs, let them explore a new world by making these Dr. Seuss crafts at home.