Cleaning activities for Montessori school kids

At a growing age, kids must know about hygienic and cleaning activities. You can add them to your daily timetable. From our Montessori Eagle Rock, CA , school experts here have mentioned some of the cleaning activities you can try at your home or school. If you are a stay-at-home mom, your children will enjoy participating in these fun activities.

Have a look:

Button Sorting

Give your kids a few buttons and ask them to separate them according to their color and size. For example, you can give them red, green, blue, and yellow in four small bowls. It will help your kids to know the color and size. This is one example. You can try some other object that your kid likes very much.


Kids love to scrub because it gives instant results.

So you can try this with your kids. Give them a towel, a scrub brush, a tub, or some extra things like soap and a bottle brush. Let the scrubbing begin, and see the result.


Surprise! But this kid likes this kind of activity at home. When it is laundry time, give your child the task of matching socks. It will help your kids understand their responsibility.


Give a carrot to your kids and ask them to peel, scrub, and finely chop it. Don't worry, knives are not that much risk, so give them a knife water bowl and a chopping board with a small towel and sponge for spills. Also, show them how to wash, scrub, peel, and finely chop. It will help them develop their concentration with a knife.

Apple Slicing

During your breakfast time, you can give them an apple and ask them to cut it. Give them a bowl of water, a scrub brush, an apple slicer, a cutting board, and an apron. Remember, it's morning time and you don't want any stains on your baby dress. Also, tell them the shape of the slice before they start cutting it.

Window washing

You can enjoy cleaning time with your kids during the holidays. Just give them a small squeegee, a spray bottle, and a dirty window. You must try this. It is a very popular activity in Montessori schools.

Final Words

These are 7 cleaning activities which are mentioned by our experts. you can try these activities at home to develop your kid's skills. Instead, if you are looking for Preschool Eagle Rock CA we can be a better option for you here your little one will enjoy the learning. Because we understand that working parents do have not that much time to concentrate on their kids.