Childcare Post COVID-19 : What To Look Out For

This year is almost over and the pandemic that has besieged the whole world is still plaguing millions of Americans. But life has to go on and with the good news from pharmaceutical companies that had good primary results with vaccine trials, the pandemic will soon be in control. So, it is time for parents to re-join the workforce and the children to go back to school and Child care Altadena, CA. However, as paediatricians countrywide are suggesting that you make sure that the childcare you are sending your child to, is maintaining some basic safety measures in place.

COVID-19 is highly transferrable and small children who go to childcare are least prone to maintaining social distancing. This is why it is the duty of the institute to keep certain precautions and practices in place to limit the spread of the disease. Here are some of them and why they should be maintained.

  • Handwashing : As shown repeatedly, handwashing is one of the most perfect ways of preventing the spread of the infection. So, the American Academy of Paediatrics has stressed that day care and childcare centers include frequent handwashing in their institutes. Not only children but all staff members, whether teaching or non-teaching should wash their hands in a prescribed way before and after entering the institute. The children should also be guided to wash their hands frequently, especially before eating and after they have been outside. Generally, children under 5 are not advised to use hand sanitizer, but the present situation has led to an amendment to this. When hand sanitizer is being used, such small children should be monitored as the hand sanitizer containing 60% alcohol and can be fatal if ingested by mistake.
  • Disinfection schedule : The childcare center should maintain a very strict disinfection schedule as advised by the CDC. So, as a parent, you should ask how the childcare center’s disinfection routine. It includes cleaning of all high-contact areas like the children’s table before and after they have been used. The play area and the children's sitting area should be cleaned frequently during school hours and disinfected every day after school hours. The food preparation areas should be prioritized when it comes to sanitizing; all utensils should be thoroughly sanitized before and after use. The drinking fountain should also be sanitized every day.
  • Screen children and employees : The employees of the Child care Altadena, CA your child goes to must be regularly screened. Their temperature should be checked before they enter the premises; as for the children, the parents should do that before they drop off the child. Ove that, the childcare center should also screen the children for any physical symptoms like cough, flushing, lethargy, etc. The employees should be allowed to take leave if they are possibly ill and proper arrangements should be in place in case of such absence. In case someone becomes ill at the premise, there should be a proper isolation room for the child or employee to rest before being assessed. Follow-up should be made when someone becomes ill and only admitted back when they have completely healed.