Childcare Marketing Post Covid-19 : How To Do It Properly

Like all industries, Child Care Pasadena, CA is also limping back to the regular schedule. But times have changed a lot and parents are also worrying whether to send their child to childcare because the pandemic is not totally over. So, if you are a childcare center and thinking of how to market your institute in such a market, here are some tips.

Before the tips, however, let’s take a look at what are the rules that the CDC has laid down for childcare and daycare centers’ employees. Now a childcare provider may also be asked to :

  • Check a child’s temperature and look for basic signs of illness while the child enters the facility.
  • Know how to reduce the spread by taking proper precautions while changing the diapers, feeding, or while holding a child.
  • Make sure they do proper hygienic handwash and also teach their wards about proper hygienic methods.

When your childcare providers follow these and other guidelines from CDC, he or she will provide a higher level of service that will make sure the children under their care are well protected from the spread of the disease. Sure, it is going a little more than their original workload, but now it has become a necessity. And it will garner the faith of the parents for them and your institute.

When you have trained your employees and followed all the CDC guidelines, here are three marketing tips to tell new parents that your center is safe and committed to taking care of their child’s health seriously.

First of all, change the focus of how you tell the story of your center. The concerns of the parents have shifted due to the pandemic, so what attracted them before to your location may not look that much lucrative to them now. So, instead of focusing on how your center is located in a good location or how you provide high carechildcare, focus on how you are implementing the health guidelines from the government. Health and safety should be your main focus now. Communicate this message well to the prospective parents who come visiting as well as to the returning parents.

Keeping that line in mind, make sure your brochure, flyers (whether digital or physical) is prominently showcasing how you are following all the rules and guidelines from CDC as well as other relevant agencies. Make sure there is a section about “Coronavirus preventive measures” that details everything from your cleaning schedule to how frequently employees are screened.

Thirdly, minimize contact with parents physically as much as possible and emphasize how that is going to help prevent the spread of this virus. So, say no to cash transactions and make sure the parents pay through debit or credit card. There is software in the market that will help Child Care Pasadena, CA to migrate from a cash to a cashless facility. Also, there should be contactless check-in with help of QR code technology. And mention these facilities in your brochures as well and also talk about that when parents come to visit your location.