Your child’s developmental milestones in her second year

Are you still enjoying the memory of your child's first birthday celebration and just then you realize that the second year is just around the corner? Yes, time flies. During the first year, you must have been excited watching your little one start as a helpless infant and growing into a budding toddler. To let you know, your excitement does not end here as Childcare Altadena CA says the second year is even more exciting. You must be wondering as to what activities your child would be doing at her 2? The 2nd birthday is more about seeing your little munchkin taking small steps towards independence; she is just planning to explore the around her. Sit tight and continue reading as this post will help you to understand the developmental milestones you would see in your kid in the second year.

Start being independent:
In the second year of life, most of the children will show some clear signs of independence. They start to walk without any support, stand on tiptoe and begin to run. Parents may see them climbing on small stools and jump alone, kicking balls, holding a spoon and try eating by themselves. Preschool Eagle Rock CA, says that through these small attempts of kicking, climbing, jumping, walking and running they will be developing their motor skills very fast.

Tries to make friends:
You may see your toddler developing interest in other kids around her and tries to mingle with them. You would notice her excitement in seeing other kids and shows interest in playing with them. Don't be surprised if your child is yet not ready to play with other children in a traditional give and take manner. Instead of playing with other children, she may prefer to play alongside them.

Tries to communicate:
Caregivers in Childcare Altadena CA say 2-year olds start communicating with others as they can name few animals, body parts and family members. They also try to say sentences with 2 to 4 words and follow simple instructions. At this time, they can point to things or pictures when they are named or in a book and repeats some words overheard in any conversation.

Finding stuff when it is hidden:
It will be overwhelming for you to see your toddler learning to understand and explore the world around her so fast. Your little play master would like to go out and play in the garden or park. In the second year, they can remember some of their favorite toys. You could see her roaming around trying to look for those toys if you have hidden them under any towel or somewhere else.

Scribbling on paper:
You may see your little one getting fascinated with pen and paper and they would just love to scribble on paper with a pen or pencil. According to Preschool Eagle Rock CA, at this age children love to have color pencils and you can start teaching her how to draw and color. Apart from the above, in the second year, some other possible developmental milestones are copying and following others especially adults and older children, begins to sort shapes and colors, builds towers with blocks, remembering and reciting songs and rhymes.