Infant / Toddler Program

The sophisticated, modern and hygienic infant facility, with age appropriate and safe learning and play materials, will provide the ideal environment to nurture and develop the newborns. Our qualified, specially licensed and trained infant teachers will ensure the utmost care and safety for your infant. The low teacher-to-child ratio of 1-to-4 ensures constant interaction and attention to your child. As Montessori education encourages the development of each child’s independence, feeding, sleeping and playing schedules are personalized to accommodate each newborn’s individual needs. We provide a perfect balance between constant attention, care and nutrition through routine consistency to promote stability and predictability of the newborn. At Princeton, we encourage, guide and provide necessary tools for your newborn, to develop independence and self-confidence at an early age.


This program provides the initial and fundamental tools for a child to learn and adapt to this new world, as they begin to understand and internalize through sensorial interactions. The program constantly monitors and documents the development of the child to provide the proper guidance and encour- agement for optimum growth, self- confidence, self-enhancement and development. Highly trained teachers will observe and record, the natural growth and self-development of each child. They will entertain and direct toddlers accor- dingly, through customi- zed and choreographed efforts to encourage ultimate language development and interactions.


We are enrolling kids from Diamond Bar, Rowland Heights, Walnut, Chino Hills, Pomona, San Dimas & Chino.