Check Out Some popular comic books for kids

Kids are imaginative. They can imagine practically anything, and everything be it talking animals, foolish hunters, a princess with frog companions, superheroes, tiny old men with friends from the outer space or angels with magical powers. To ignite their imagination comic books are the best options. It is true that comic books take children to a whole different world to live in and enjoy. If you think your toddler loves to travel in and out of the world of imagination, then Montessori La Canada Flintridge, CA teachers give you a list of comic books for kids that will provide a refreshing experience to your little ones.

Teen Titans:
Teen Titans is a superhero comic book published by DC Comics. This book features some young superheroes that are somewhat like the younger versions of some of the popular superheroes like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Batman. This series was created by Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani and is available in the paperback and Ebook formats. By reading this book children can imagine themselves as the tiny superheroes saving people from the evils and protecting the world.

Odd Duck:
This comic book tells a story of a charming duck and was created by Cecil Castellucci and Sara Varon. The story teaches children about accepting peoplefor who they are without judging them. The book has colorful illustrations and easy to follow text format.

Flop to the Top:
This is a very popular comic storybook written and illustrated by Eleanor Davis and Drew Weing. It portrays Wanda as a fame obsessed girl who finds that her selfie has become famous on the internet only because of her dog Wilbur. In our social media-obsessed world this book will surely catch the attention of the pre-schoolers. This comic book helps kids to understand that fame and fortune may come in a bundle, but love, friendship, and family are the most important assets of our life.

Glorkian Warrior:
In Montessori La Canada Flintridge, CA, children love to read this silly comic book created by James Kochalka. This book follows the adventures of dim-witted Glorkian Warrior and his sidekick Super Backpack. This book helps toddlers to understand that life can become very serious, but we should take time to unwind, laugh and live to the fullest.

Superman Family Adventures:
This comic storybook was created by Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani. This book follows Superman and his supporting characters as they go on adventures. This comic book teaches its readers that we should do the right thing under any circumstances. Kids also learn the importance of humanity and the need to have a solid moral compass by reading this book.

This storybook is written in the Japanese Manga style and follows the life of 5-year-old Yotsuba, as she and her father move into a new neighborhood where she befriends with three sisters living in the next door. Though this series has been written for children it reads back to front and right to left. This book is ideal if you want your toddlers to explore a new style of writing books. This book help kids understand that a sense of curiosity is healthy, and a child’s imagination should be encouraged as it can turn the mundane things into something wonderful and extraordinary.