Causes of acne in toddlers and ways to reduce it

Though many people will not associate acne with toddlers and growing children, sometimes skin conditions and some other reasons may trigger the onset of acne in toddlers. Toddler acne typically exhibits reddened skin, inflammation, blackheads and possibly small rashes. Among many reasons for acne eruption in toddlers, Montessori of La Canada Flintridge CA, is sharing the major ones for your better understanding.

Causes of acne in toddlers:

  • Breastfeeding toddlers may have acne due to certain skin reactions which may cause from the exposure to certain medications or foods through breast milk.
  • Children who drink cow’s milk may show some symptoms of acne reaction due to the hormones present in the milk.
  • Dishwashing soap or cleanser may lead to acne outbreaks in toddlers.
  • Some medicines like antidepressants, birth control pills, and steroids can also lead to acne in toddlers as the compounds in such medications spread to the breast milk.
  • Some dietary changes can also lead to your toddler having acne outbreaks.
  • Some products such as air fresheners, bleach, detergents can be responsible for skin irritations in toddlers.
  • According to the Preschool of La Canada Flintridge CA some baby skincare products, for example, body soap, shampoo, moisturizer, body powder or some fabrics can also be responsible for acne.
  • Last but not the least, if your toddler is going through the teething process and has a lot of drool around her face; the excess moisture tends to cause redness and rashes around her cheeks and mouth and possibly cause acne.
Symptoms acne in children:
Acne can occur anywhere on the body, but most common areas are face, chest, upper back, shoulders, and neck where there are more sebaceous glands. As stated by Montessori located at La Canada Flintridge CA, each child is unique so symptoms may also vary. They can include:

  • Small bumps that are skin-colored or white (whiteheads) or dark in color (blackheads).
  • Red, pus-filled pimples that may hurt.
  • Solid and raised bumps (nodules).
  • Dark areas on the skin or scarring.

Tips to reduce toddler acne:
If toddlers develop itchy and red acne and that doesn't seem to fade away, you can consult a pediatrician and seek his opinion about your little one’s skin condition. Besides, you can follow the below mentioned simple steps to reduce acne in your toddler and stimulate the healing of affected tissues.

  • Experts from Preschool suggest not scrubbing or washing the affected area very often. As too much washing can further irritate your toddler’s sensitive skin and may worsen the condition.
  • Avoid using home medication on the affected area. You can take a doctor’s advice before applying any ointment or oil on the acne.
  • It is advisable to use natural and herb-based skincare products for your baby instead of using chemically treated lotions or oils.
  • Lactating mothers should follow a healthy and nutritious diet plan instead of having processed foods.
  • Try to keep your baby clean and maintain some basic routine to keep him hygienically safe like changing diapers often or using anti-rash ointment in the nappy area may help to avoid rashes.