Benefits Of Music
How Much Drink Water Does A Kid Have? (26/01/2024)

Introducing the importance of water for kids: Children need water just like plants do. Age, size...
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Benefits Of Music
Benefits Of Music Education For Kids (26/01/2024)

Children find out about the realm of music which leads to a world of many advantages shaping their...
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Are Movies Good For Kids? (23/01/2024)

Movies can be enjoyable and enlightening as kids learn and discover the outside world. They provide visual...
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How To Develop Lifelong Good Habits For The Child? (23/01/2024)

It’s about teaching good habits; everyone has it, but teaching it to the kids, especially when they’re still...
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Balancing Work and Kids: Strategies for Working Parents
Balancing Work and Kids: Strategies for Working Parents (28/12/2023)

In today's fast-paced world, many parents find themselves juggling the demands of a...
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Navigating the Digital Landscape: Screen Time Guidelines for Kids
Navigating the Digital Landscape: Screen Time Guidelines for Kids (28/12/2023)

In a world increasingly shaped by technology, understanding and managing children's screen...
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New Year Ideas for Little Learners in Preschool
New Year Ideas for Little Learners in Preschool (27/12/2023)

The New Year comes with lots of hope and excitement for everyone. When it comes to kids...
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Strategies For Parents and Teachers To Work Together Effectively
Strategies For Parents and Teachers to Work Together Effectively (08/12/2023)

A child's academic achievement depends on parents and teachers working together.....
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Best Dice Games For Child Care
Best Dice Games For Child Care (26/10/2023)

Using dice games to engage youngsters in an entertaining, engaging, and instructive exercise.....
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Dehydration Symptoms In Kids
Dehydration symptoms in kids (04/09/2023)

Kids have very sensitive bodies, and we need to give them extra care.....
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Craft Ideas For Kids From Recycled Material
Tips to teach positive words to kids(25/08/2023)

Kids love crafts and art. So we can productively try this and use some recycled material for their craft....
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Role Of Parent Involvement In Montessori Education
Role Of Parent Involvement In Montessori Education (03/08/2023)

Any educational institution, including Montessori schools, must prioritize parent engagement.....
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Child During Monsoon Season
Tips To Protect Your Child During Monsoon Season (28/07/2023)

The monsoon is at its peak, and it comes with lots of illness. When it comes to kids, they get sick sooner.......
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Benefits Of Drama Education For Kids
Benefits Of Drama Education For Kids (06/07/2023)

Drama is an innate, natural form of learning in which kids learn lots of skills. They frequently.......
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Healthy Foods For Kids To Boost Immunity During Monsoon
Healthy Foods For Kids To Boost Immunity During Monsoon? (06/07/2023)

The monsoon comes with lots of fun and also with so many bacterial.......
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Why It Is Necessary To Hug Your Baby
Why It Is Necessary To Hug Your Baby? (06/07/2023)

As a species, we all need a human touch to survive. When it comes to kids hugging.......
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Fun activities for preschoolers for a long vacation
Fun activities for preschoolers for a long vacation (07/06/2023)

Holidays are amazing, and kids always like their holidays.......
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How to find out the authentic Montessori School?
How to find out the authentic Montessori School? (30/05/2023)

When we notice the Montessori school, most of us choose it......
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How to tell about the biodiversity to your kids?
How to tell about the biodiversity to your kids? (17/05/2023)

Do you know that May 22nd is International Biodiversity Day.....
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Training required for Montessori teachers
Tips for cognitive development in Kids (11/05/2023)

Cognitive development generally means the development of thinking across...
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Training required for Montessori teachers
Training required for Montessori teachers (26/04/2023)

The idea of the Montessori method is based on something in which kids.....
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Unlocking the Potential of Your Child with Montessori Education
Unlocking the Potential of Your Child with Montessori Education (30/03/2023)

The modern method of education....
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How do you teach toddlers about color?
How do you teach toddlers about color? (23/03/2023)

At a growing age, kids are learning different kinds of skills.....
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What are the different methods and techniques of Preschool?
What are the different methods and techniques of Preschool? (23/03/2023)

Preschool teaching methods and techniques......
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Recycling activities for kids
Recycling activities for kids (14/03/2023)

Recycling is very crucial to protecting our land from pollution. ......
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Things you should aware of while parenting
Things you should aware of while parenting (10/03/2023)

Parenting is a very hard task to perform, but as parents......
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How to stop your baby hiccups
How to stop your baby hiccups? (14/02/2023)

Hiccups can happen when the baby’s diaphragm contracts......
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How to deal with the situation when your child makes you angry
How to deal with the situation when your child makes you angry? (14/02/2023)

There is no doubt that parents always love their kids......
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What are the challenges of modern parenting
What are the challenges of modern parenting? (31/01/2023)

Growing a child in this modern era is a very challenging task. .....
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unstructured play is important for a kid’s development
How unstructured play is important for a kid’s development? (20/01/2023)

Remember those days when we always refused to get inside.....
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Games ideas for Christmas party
New Year’s party theme for kids (27/12/2022)

New Year’s Eve is an awaiting moment for everyone, including kids.....
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Thanksgiving Ideas
Winter outfit for kids during an outing (30/11/2022)

Do you want your child to have comfortable and fashionable outings this season?.......
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Thanksgiving Ideas
Thanksgiving Ideas for Preschoolers (18/11/2022)

Holidays always excite every child, and when it comes to doing some fun activities during their off days........
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Child For Winter Outings
How To Dress Up Your Child For Winter Outings? (07/11/2022)

Planning an outing with your toddlers during winter? Yes! This is very risky, but it can be a better option to spend........
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Kids Overcome Stage Phobia
5 Ways to Help Your Kids Overcome Stage Phobia (31/10/2022)

Nothing is more exciting than seeing your child performing confidently on stage. It cannot be possible........
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Encourage Children To Read
How To Encourage Children To Read? (27/10/2022)

Reading is one of the most fundamental necessities in life........
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scary Halloween movies for families
8 scary Halloween movies for families (27/10/2022)

Finding Halloween themed movies that whole family can enjoy watching together.......
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unhealthy food
How to keep your child away from unhealthy food? (17/10/2022)

If you are a parent, you understand very well how you work for your child's healthy diet.......
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5 Halloween costume suggestions for your children
5 Halloween costume suggestions for your children (17/10/2022)

Halloween is observed in many nations. It is the abbreviation for All.......
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>Water fun
Water fun activities for toddlers (28/09/2022)

We always focus on the kids’ education and learning, but we never think .......
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How do you connect your kids with technology? (13/09/2022)

No one can care more about your child than you do. In today’s digital world.......
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Montessori School
Characteristics of the Montessori School (07/09/2022)

If you want to know the characteristics of the Montessori school.......
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cure your child of the cold
How to cure your child of the cold? (25/08/2022)

A cold is not fun for any child; it chops the nose and affects the breath.......
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care of your baby's skin
How to take care of your baby's skin? (05/08/2022)

Kids have sensitive skin, and as a parent, you need to take care of it.......
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Cleaning activities
Cleaning activities for Montessori school kids (05/08/2022)

At a growing age, kids must know about hygienic and cleaning activities.......
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Kid’s Phone Addiction
How to Stop your Kid’s Phone Addiction? (19/07/2022)

Children around 8 to 18 are addicted to the mobile phone, laptops, and television. ......
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World Kids
Some Interesting Facts About the World Kids Should Know (28/06/2022)

Do you struggle to pique your children's interest in science? Or do you want to make studying more enjoyable......
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Kids In Public Places
2 Games That Work Like Crazy To Engage Kids In Public Places (24/06/2022)

All children are restless in public places, but toddlers and preschoolers are on another level entirely.......
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Prepare Your Kids for the Preschool
How to Prepare Your Kids for the Preschool (23/06/2022)

Starting preschool is a significant achievement for both your child and you.......
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Promoting Cognitive Development
Activities For Promoting Cognitive Development In Your Kid (02/06/2022)

The mind of a toddler is like a notebook with innumerable possibilities for a good write-up......
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Develop Good Reading Habits
Useful Tips To Develop Good Reading Habits For Preschoolers (26/05/2022)

Developing reading habits at an early age can result in great ways in the future for sure.....
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Raising Self-confidence
Tips For Raising Self-confidence In Kids (26/05/2022)

Learning starts right from a child’s birth. Slowly as the child grows up, it learns new skills and abilities.....
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Improve Hygiene Habits
Things To Teach Preschoolers So That They Improve Hygiene Habits (18/05/2022)

Developing a healthy hygiene routine is one of the many good habits that one should teach their kids.....
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Toddler Overweight
What Is Toddler Obesity and Causes of Toddler Overweight? (27/04/2022)

Children of all ages appear to be ideal for their parents. When it comes to their weight concerns, especially in toddlers....
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Home Remedies For Sunburn
Home Remedies For Sunburn For Kids (27/04/2022)

Spring and summer mean lots of outdoor activities for kids. After long confinement inside the house due to harsh winter....
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milk teeth brush
What are milk teeth and how to brush them? (27/04/2022)

Did you know that your child's teeth start to develop during the second trimester of pregnancy....
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Healthy Food Consumption
How to make Healthy Food Consumption Fun For Your Kid? (21/04/2022)

Healthy food is essential for all living beings. It helps in improving metabolism, healthy stomach, and improved immunity......
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Writing Skill of Children
How To Improve Writing Skill of Children (02/04/2022)

Writing is an important form of communication and a key part of education. But, in today’s technology-driven world.....
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Making A Child Talk
Playful Ideas For Making A Child Talk (02/04/2022)

Playful ideas could be interesting for a child. This way, the child can develop faster and explore things better.....
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Skin and Hair Healthy in Monsoon
How To Keep Your Child’s Skin and Hair Healthy in Monsoon (01/04/2022)

The rainy season provides a welcome respite from the sweltering summer heat. It also means additional playtime for kids who enjoy getting wet.....
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Toddler’s Hair at Home
How to Cut Your Toddler’s Hair at Home (01/04/2022)

Parents frequently trim their toddlers' hair at home, but as they grow older, this becomes a lot more difficult chore. During times of lockdowns and social.....
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Kids Ace The Pre-School
Help Your Kids Ace The Pre-School By Following Some Easy Steps (11/03/2022)

Support from parents is one of the crucial components towards acing school at any level.....
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Children's Eating Habits
The Necessary Influence Of Parents On Children's Eating Habits (11/03/2022)

Parents play a significant role in shaping their children's eating habits....
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Child Concentrate Better
How To Make Your Child Concentrate Better? (03/01/2022)

Our bodies require exercise to stay fit and function properly. Similarly, the mind needs to have healthy surroundings and exercise certain....
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Skincare Tips
Skincare Tips For Kids In Spring (23/02/2022)

Springtime is a fun time. After such a long and cold winter, it is thrilling to feel the hair and the warmth of the sun on your skin....
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Installing An App For Your Kid
Four Points To Consider When Installing An App For Your Kid (23/02/2022)

It's not a popularity contest when it comes to app selection....
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Surprising Benefits Of Video Games
Five Surprising Benefits Of Video Games For Your Kid (15/02/2022)

When your kids are playing video games, there are a few things that you need to keep an eye on....
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Raise An Avid Reader Raise An Avid Reader
Tips To Raise An Avid Reader (01/02/2022)

The world we inhabit can be better understood by nothing but books. The world doesn't reside on a phone screen but among the pages of good books. But reading...
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Kids Responsibilities
The Importance Of Giving Kids Responsibilities (01/02/2022)

It's difficult to know where to begin naming the things that parents, grandparents, and Montessori caregivers teach youngsters. They teach children...
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What To Do If Your Child Doesn’t Want To Go To Preschool (01/02/2022)

Sending their children to preschool is an important milestone for every parent. They dream and plan thoroughly this crucial event that...
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Eating Meat
Tricking Kids Into Eating Meat (19/01/2022)

Whenever one thinks of protein, the thought of meat cooked in various cooking methods comes to mind. However, a toddler...
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Reasoning Skills
Develop Reasoning Skills In Your Kid (03/01/2022)

The winter air can be brutal on your child’s natural hair. The dry air blot out moisture and makes hair dry and brittle. In the winter...
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Winter Hair Care Tips
Excellent Winter Hair Care Tips For Kids (27/12/2021)

The winter air can be brutal on your child’s natural hair. The dry air blot out moisture and makes hair dry and brittle. In the winter...
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Educational Games
Educational Games Children Should Play In Preschool (27/12/2021)

Are you in need of ideas for group games that the children in Preschool South Pasadena, CA can play? Coming up with...
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Christmas Decorations
Get Your Kids To Make Christmas Decorations. (27/12/2021)

The festive season is upon us and with the winter in full swing, it's time to turn your attention to festive decoration for...
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Balanced Diet For Kids
Why Balanced Diet For Kids Is Must (24/11/2021)

How your child eats today has a huge impact on their health and mind for the rest of their life. Healthy foods contain important nutrients...
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School Phobia
School Phobia : How To Help And Characteristics (23/11/2021)

Many young children tend to feel uneasy whenever talk of them going to school comes up. While it is a common thing that is noticed in high schoolers...
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Winter Season
Useful Tips For Parents To Boost Immunity System Of Child During Winter Season (01/11/2021)

At the onset of winters, it is crucial that we take utmost care of ourselves and our children in order to fight the cold and prevent ourselves from catching a virus...
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Halloween Facts
Some Halloween Facts That Kids Should Know (01/11/2021)

People celebrate Halloween every year with great enthusiasm that now it has become the second biggest festival after Christmas...
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Winter Activities
Take Adequate Protection and Involve Your Children In Winter Activities (25/10/2021)

Winter is coming and Christmas and other celebrations are arriving soon. Winter means lots of fun, traveling, and visiting the place of your near and dear ones...
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Children At Bedtime
Why Parent Should Tell Story To Their Children At Bedtime (21/10/2021)

Bedtime story is a traditional form of storytelling, where a story is told to a child at bedtime to prepare the child for sleep...
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Raise Yourself
Raise Yourself Before You Raise Your Child (14/10/2021)

Parenting is a very tough job. When a child comes into your life, you become a parent. Your promotion to parenthood increases your...
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Good Behaviour
Read These Books to promote Good Behaviour in Your Kids (13/10/2021)

Teaching kids all the dos and don’ts of manners can be a daunting task. During the process, you may lose your patience or feel...
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Take Your Children To The Zoo
Top Reasons For Which You Should Take Your Children To The Zoo (13/10/2021)

Any time of the year except extreme summer is a good time to visit, a zoo with kids. Zoos are not only...
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Preschool Classroom
10 Preschool Classroom Must-Have Materials (13/10/2021)

Preschool is the second home for kids where they spend most of their time after their home. It is a place where they learn many...
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Children In Daycare
Top Five Reasons For Which You Should Send Your Children In Daycare (27/08/2021)

You surely want the best development of your child both mentally and physically. Every parent wants that his or her children...
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Yummy Rainbow Food
Child Care Tips For Yummy Rainbow Food For Children (24/08/2021)

We all know that eating fruits and vegetables is important for all and especially for children...
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Benefits of Structured Play for Kids
Benefits of Structured Play for Kids (24/08/2021)

If you have kids at home, you must have noticed that they love playing more than anything else...
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Recipes for Cooking
3 Easy Recipes for Cooking with Kids (24/08/2021)

Stirring the cake mixture, measuring 2 tablespoons of flour, rolling out the dough, all these cooking task...
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Instill Hygiene to Children
Tips To Instill Hygiene to Children (26/07/2021)

It is important to establish good habits of hygiene for children from the very childhood by demonstrating how to wash...
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Child’s Optimum Development
Measures That Can Be Taken For Child’s Optimum Development (26/07/2021)

Early childhood, the first few years of a person’s life is very crucial because a child’s growth...
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Plastic Bottle Craft
Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids (14/07/2021)

Doing some crafts and activities is one of the great ways to absorb children’s attention and develop their creativity...
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Reduce Sugar Intake
Excellent Tips To Reduce Sugar Intake Of Your Child (14/07/2021)

Children love sweets because at the very childhood other taste buds like salty, bitter, hot, and sour do not grow properly...
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Benefits of Whole Wheat Pancake
Health Benefits of Whole Wheat Pancake for Kids (23/06/2021)

Pancakes look like chapatis but are cooked from starch-based batter containing milk, eggs, and butter. It is mostly fried on a griddle...
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Child Psychologist’s
Child Psychologist’s Tips To Recognize ADHD Children (23/06/2021)

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) is a chronic condition that affects millions of children and often continues into...
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Easy-to-cook Recipes for Preschoolers
Some Healthy and Easy-to-cook Recipes for Preschoolers (22/06/2021)

If you are parents of toddlers, you would agree that many times kids start throwing tantrums at their...
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Right Dental Care
Instill Right Dental Care In Toddler (22/06/2021)

Maintaining your dental health is just as important as anything else. It is most important in the case of children. A child’s oral...
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Dehydration In Children
Dehydration In Children – Its Symptoms And Treatments (28/05/2021)

All living beings tend to lose water constantly throughout the day. Water evaporates and leaves the body when you breathe, cry, sweat...
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Serve Fish To Your Kids
6 Tips To Follow Before Your Serve Fish To Your Kids (28/05/2021)

For many parents feeding fish to their kids is like a high-wire balancing act. As on one hand, they can not ignore the health benefits...
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Deliciously Healthy Kid-Friendly Fish Recipes
3 Deliciously Healthy Kid-Friendly Fish Recipes (28/05/2021)

Most non-vegetarian parents try to include fish into their children’s regular diet as it offers numerous health benefits. In addition...
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Amazing Animal Stories
4 Amazing Animal Stories For Kids With Moral Lessons (18/05/2021)

Kids learn the most through observations and explorations, but another very important widely available medium of education...
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Nature In The Learning Of Child
How To Include Nature In The Learning Of Child (29/04/2021)

Children are born with natural curiosity; it is something that is ingrained in our DNA. By being inquisitive about the world...
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Inquisitive Child
How To Deal With An Inquisitive Child (29/04/2021)

Children are born with natural curiosity; it is something that is ingrained in our DNA. By being inquisitive about the world...
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Yummy Snacks Ideas
Three Yummy Snacks Ideas Which Even Kids Can Make (21/04/2021)

Sometimes the trick to make your children eating healthy is to make them cook it by themselves. Moreover, in this post COVID scenario...
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Famous Eric Carle Books
Famous Eric Carle Books Every Kid Should Read (21/04/2021)

There is no doubt that Eric Carle’s books are beloved by millions of preschoolers and toddlers around the world. While, as parents, you may think...
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Learn about Plants
Some Books Children Should Read to Learn about Plants (25/03/2021)

The incredible world of plants is filled with awesome fun facts that are quite interesting to explore. If your kids are interested in learning about...
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Traditional School
How Do Children Transition from Montessori To Traditional School? (19/03/2021)

One of the common questions that parents often ask how their child will adjust in the new environment of traditional school. Different children respond ...
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Congenital Nystagmus In Children
How To Deal With Congenital Nystagmus In Children (19/03/2021)

There are varieties types of eye diseases that can have some serious impact on a child’s vision. Some of them can be related...
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Traditional Education
4 Ways Montessori Education Differs from Traditional Education (19/03/2021)

Are you going to enroll your little one in preschool? Then you must be wondering whether you should go for a traditional...
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Visiting A Preschool
Things To Look Out For When Visiting A Preschool For Your Little One (25/02/2021)

Choosing the right preschool is especially important for your child; it will be the base of his...
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Here Is What You Should Know Before Buying A Thermometer (25/02/2021)

Children need love and attention, more so when they are unwell. As parents, you will always be there with your...
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Preparing Your Child for Daycare? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Out (25/02/2021)

The first major change in a child’s life is when he or she starts going to a daycare center. Hence the toddler...
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Scrapbooking For Kids And How Does It Benefit Them (19/02/2021)

Scrapbooking is a fantastic way to build something exceptional and be able to keep it with you for the rest of your...
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Art Activities
Top 8 Skills Children Learn Through Art Activities (11/01/2021)

Have you ever wondered why the Montessori education system put so much stress on art activities? For children,...
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Montessori Academy
Why Montessori Academy Is So Crucial For Your Children (06/01/2021)

An ideal Montessori academy is based on Dr Maria Montessori’s philosophy and...
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anxiety problems of children
Tactical dealing with anxiety problems of children (10/12/2020)

Anxiety is a kind of fear or worry that is experienced as a group of physical sensations, feelings as well...
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Initial Care
The Initial Care for Children You Must Know (10/12/2020)

Children and babies are the most delicate and innocent creatures present. They require the right guidance...
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Childcare Marketing Post Covid-19
Childcare Marketing Post Covid-19 : How To Do It Properly (03/11/2020)

Like all industries, Child Care Pasadena, CA is also limping back to the regular schedule. But times have changed a...
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Childcare Post COVID-19
Childcare Post COVID-19: What to Look Out For (02/11/2020)

This year is almost over and the pandemic that has besieged the whole world is still plaguing millions of...
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Princeton Montessori Academy
The Best Future of Your Child Is Waiting at Princeton Montessori Academy (02/11/2020)

Nurture your Child’s future and let him or her grow with us at Altadena’s Premier Montessori School located at...
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Kids In Winter
Essential Tips To Dress Your Kids In Winter (27/11/2020)

Younger children are more vulnerable to cold as they lose body heat quite rapidly. In reality, younger children also...
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Delightful Cookbooks
4 Delightful Cookbooks For Kids (11/10/2020)

As parents, you should always encourage your kids whatever they do or enjoy doing. If your kids have an interest in...
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DIY Shoebox Craft
DIY Shoebox Craft Ideas You Can Do at Home (11/05/2020)

If you are a strong believer in recycling different unused things, then try to recycle shoe boxes as these can be...
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Time Management
How Can You Teach Effective Time Management To Your Children? (10/21/2020)

There are several behaviors and habits of children that we accept to be very usual. Many parents find these aspects to be...
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child care worker
What are the duties of a child care worker?(10/20/2020)

A child care worker has a great role to play in society as parents depend on them highly for shaping the growth...
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Child Development
What Are The Several Areas Of Child Development And Why Is It Important? (10/09/2020)

Right after your kid is born, there is always something new and exciting happening every day. This happens because...
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Yoga Beneficial
How is Yoga Beneficial for Kids (10/02/2020)

Do you know that kids derive enormous benefits from yoga? Yes, it enhances their physical ability, flexibility...
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Child-Driven Approach
What Is Reggio Emilia? Four Principles Of This Child-Driven Approach (09/25/2020)

The Reggio Emilia Philosophy is an advanced and inspirational approach to early childhood education. This philosophy...
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3 Creative Dr. Seuss Inspired Crafts You Can Do With Your Kids (09/16/2020)

Do your kids love reading or listening to the stories of Dr. Seuss? Do you want to have some craft time with your...
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Iron-Rich Foods
6 Iron-Rich Foods You Can Include In Your Baby’s Diet (09/02/2020)

You must be aware of the fact that Iron is an essential nutrient needed for proper growth and development of children...
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Education Of Montessori Children
How Has The Corona Virus Affected The Education Of Montessori Children? (26/08/2020)

The outbreak of the deadly pandemic of the coronavirus has brought a grinding halt to the ordinary lives of people all...
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autism spectrum disorders
Different types of autism spectrum disorders found in children (19/08/2020)

Did you know that Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental delay in children which...
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Reasons For And Treatment Of Chest Infection In Children (11/08/2020)

Most of the time it has been observed that children suffer from different types of infections. In most cases, there is...
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Grandparents Day
Grandparents Day – The Purpose And Importance Of The Day (27/07/2020)

If you have a toddler at home, you may have enjoyed seeing your child bonding with their grandparents. The very special...
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Parenting Plan
Things You Should Consider While Developing A Parenting Plan (23/07/2020)

Nowadays, many parents get divorced under mutual consent and most of them develop a parenting plan to raise their...
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Siblings Share A Single Room
Some Tips To Help Siblings Share A Single Room (16/07/2020)

Siblings sharing their room can either be a tough job or can be an enjoyable experience for them. It is a step...
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>Pre-Schoolers FAQs
Pre-Schoolers FAQs: Understanding These Tiny Tots In A Better Way (08/07/2020)

If you are a parent of a toddler who is now almost of preschool age, you should learn what behaviors to expect...
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Playing With Playdough
Benefits Of Playing With Playdough (24/06/2020)

Young children love playing with playdough.They can spend hours in squishing, rolling, sculpting, and modeling...
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Innovative Father’s Day
Innovative Father’s Day gift ideas (19/06/2020)

Father’s Day is always a special day for fathers as well as their kids. If you plan properly...
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snowplow parenting
What we can learn from snowplow parenting (11/06/2020)

Many parents of Montessori South Pasadena, CA would like to keep them updated with the new research and findings...
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feedback is important
6 reasons why feedback is important (02/06/2020)

The learning process is supposed to be messy. It is intended to be inclusive of mistakes, to accommodate for errors...
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Educational Benefits For Kids
What Are Origami And Its Educational Benefits For Kids (26/05/2020)

If you have toddlers at home, it is quite possible that at some point in time you have made boat or fan by folding a simple...
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Activities kids
Activities kids can do to protect our nature (20/05/2020)

Protecting the planet is all about increasing environmental awareness and there is always strength in numbers Kids can participate...
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Be Kind To Others
How To Teach Your Kids To Be Kind To Others (13/05/2020)

All the parents and teachers of toddlers must have one great hope, that is their children grow up as a kind and good human being. When they...
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Books about personal hygiene for toddlers and pre-schoolers (11/05/2020)

If you have a toddler at home, you must have faced those situations when you cannot...
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online learning for kids
Benefits of online learning for kids (27/04/2020)

In today's world when the internet has made the world a much smaller place and a lot of things are just a click away, it is perhaps not so surprising...
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Baby’s Nursery
Unsafe Choices For A Baby’s Nursery (24/04/2020)

If you are welcoming your bundle of joy soon, you would like to decorate a nursery for your newborn. Many new parents get easily influenced by the...
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phonics and how does it help kids
What is phonics and how does it help kids (21/04/2020)

As a parent, the most important thing in life must be seeing your children doing well in school as well as in life. You will be surprised to know...
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child’s holistic development
Importance of functional plays in a child’s holistic development (21/04/2020)

If you are a parent of a toddler you must have seen him playing for hours with a simple cardboard box or having funtime with utensils or a piece...
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Games and Activities
Games and Activities to Teach Problem Solving Skill to Your Kids (30/03/2020)

Problem-solving is one of the most important 21st-century life skills that suddenly cannot be developed in an adult. According to the teachers...
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Kids Busy / Entertained During Quarantine
How to Keep Your Kids Busy / Entertained During Quarantine? (25/03/2020)

As the coronavirus pandemic continuous to spread, many people finding themselves in quarantine to most effectively practice social...
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Choosing A Day-Care
Things to Consider When Choosing A Day-Care for Your Children (17/03/2020)

Are you getting ready to go back to work after having a baby? This phase must be very tough for parents of infants or toddlers as there are a...
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popular comic books
Check Out Some popular comic books for kids (12/03/2020)

Kids are imaginative. They can imagine practically anything, and everything be it talking animals, foolish hunters, a princess with frog companions...
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kids can take care of the Nature
How kids can take care of the Nature (03/03/2020)

Kids share a special relationship with nature; they become so happy at the chance to go out to the park or beach and play for some time...
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Kindness to Children
Some Books to Teach Kindness to Children (17/02/2020)

All the parents want their kids to grow up to be kind and compassionate human beings. Kids are innocent and they act with kindness and compassion...
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child’s developmental milestones
Your child’s developmental milestones in her second year (11/02/2020)

Are you still enjoying the memory of your child's first birthday celebration and just then you realize that the second year is just around the corner?...
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Acne in toddlers
Causes of acne in toddlers and ways to reduce it (05/02/2020)

Though many people will not associate acne with toddlers and growing children, sometimes skin conditions and some other reasons may trigger the onset of acne in toddlers...
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Benefits of Playing Outside
What Are the Benefits of Playing Outside (24/01/2020)

In today's busy world most of the kids spend too much time indoors and get addicted to you playing games or watching videos on the available...
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Kids to Explore Nature
How to Help Your Kids to Explore Nature? (16/01/2020)

Do you know that exploring nature fosters children's intellectual, emotional, social and physical development? Being outside and surrounded by...
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Science Experiments
Some Science Experiments to Do with Your Kids (08/01/2020)

Kids are born scientists. They’re always busy experimenting with different things, whether or not throwing a plate of food on the wall, puffing...
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Summer Activities for Pre-Teens and Toddlers
A Few Summer Activities for Pre-Teens and Toddlers (08/01/2020)

Finding enough summer practices for your kids can normally be an incessant endeavor. With perpetual imperativeness, they constantly...
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child the value of teamwork and collaboration
How to teach your child the value of teamwork and collaboration (30/12/2019)

If you are a parent of a toddler who mostly likes to play alone rather than playing or working in a team...
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Encourage good habits in toddlers
Ways to encourage good habits in toddlers (26/12/2019)

Developing some good habits in children has lifelong benefits. Parents and teachers can be instrumental in...
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spending quality time with kids
Importance of spending quality time with kids (16/12/2019)

If you are a parent of a toddler, you need to spend some quality time with your child According to Montessori Eagle Rock CA...
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Physical Activities
6 Physical Activities Must Have For For Toddlers (20/11/2019)

If you are a parent of a toddler, you must know what it takes to keep up with a super energetic and...
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Art for child development
Importance of creative art for child development (15/11/2019)

Creative art is the best medium for expressing oneself. It triggers the social, emotional and cognitive...
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Childcare Facility
How To Check For A Safe Childcare Facility For Your Child (08/11/2019)

Are you looking for a good childcare La Canada Flintridge, CA? Then here are some safety parameters...
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Preschool Halloween Party
10 Party Game Ideas For Preschool Halloween Party (24/10/2019)

Is this your first year as a pre-schooler mom in Montessori Pasadena, CA. Are you in charge...
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Preschool Class Party
4 DIY HalloweenCostume Ideas For Preschool Class Party (24/10/2019)

One of the main things your pre-schooler is looking forward to this month is the Halloween party at his...
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preschool and childcare
Importance of preschool and childcare for growing child (16/10/2019)

Choosing the right option of preschool is the most important part for your younger one as here is already ...
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Enrichment Programs
How Arts And Enrichment Programs Can Help The Children (09/30/2019)

There is no age for art. The kids can take the full opportunity of the enrichment program from a very tender age...
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Anxious Child
Best Tips You Can Have To Calm Down The Anxious Child (09/25/2019)

While sending your child to the Preschool Altadena, CA; do you ever feel that the struggle of yours is much higher than...
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 Child’s Teacher
Know Here The Best Ways To Connect With Your Child’s Teacher (09/16/2019)

When you enroll your child for the Montessori La Canada Flintridge, CA, he will be under the guidance of the teachers. They will track...
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Teaching Your Pre-Schooler
Teaching Your Pre-Schooler To Share: 6 Tips You Want (09/16/2019)

Is your child going to Montessori Pasadena, CA? Then it is time to teach him or her to share. If your child is a single child, this...
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Struggle with Separation Anxiety
Ease Your Struggle with Separation Anxiety on The First Day of School with These Tips (09/02/2019)

It is a real challenge for the parents when they drop their child at the Preschool La Canada Flintridge, CA for the first time. There are so...
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Ultimate Back To School Tip
5 Ultimate Back To School Tips That Every Parent Must Know (08/26/2019)

For every parent, it may seem that the summer break has passed within a blink and the tedious morning routine is knocking at the...
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Montessori Inspired Ways
Start an Accomplished Morning with These Montessori Inspired Ways (08/16/2019)

When your child starts to go Montessori La Canada Flintridge, CA, the quality time you spend with them in the morning is reduced. So...
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Necessary Immunization Before Sending Your Kids To Preschool
Why You Should Complete All The Necessary Immunization Before Sending Your Kids To Preschool (08/08/2019)

As the parent, you must want to do the best for your kids so that they will grow mentally and physically in the best possible way...
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Teaching manners and etiquettes
Grace and courtesy: What kind of teaching manners and etiquettes are taught in Montessori School? (07/29/2019)

There are millions of Montessori schools across the world and they offerunique preschool programs for toddlers, infants according to scientific...
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children in an ideal atmosphere of a Montessori
Let your children in an ideal atmosphere of a Montessori (07/25/2019)

Choosing a right Montessori school for your child can be one of the best decisions of yours to develop your kid’s creativity, knowledge and talent. But these all...
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Select The Right Preschool For Your Toddler
Excellent Tips To Select The Right Preschool For Your Toddler (07/19/2019)

The impact of early education on the child is quite profound as it will build the cornerstone of the future. There are a few parents who don’t think much to select...
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Development Of Your Child
How Does Montessori School Help In The Development Of Your Child (07/15/2019)

Are your toddlers ready for the playschool? Are you in confusion about the choice of school for...
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