Benefits of Structured Play for Kids

If you have kids at home, you must have noticed that they love playing more than anything else.

But have you ever stopped your kids from playing?

You must be surprised to know that playing is far more important than most parents realize. It is actually the key to learning. Professionals associated with the Child care system have found that play can help enrich learning and develop many important skills inquiry, problem-solving, communication in kids. Peek-a-boo or hide-and-seek, scrabble, or hopscotch, there are many forms of play that impact children’s healthy development in many different ways.

So, what are the basic benefits of play?:

  • Through play, kids learn to explore and master many new skills, develop new ideas, gain knowledge about how the world works.
  • Kids learn to plan, organize, get along with others and regulate their feelings.
  • Playing can help children to develop language, math, and social skills. They even learn to cope up with stress.

Although the play can take two different forms, structured play, and unstructured play, with different benefits; in this blog post, Pasadena CA teachers have shared the important benefits of structured play.

Before exploring the benefits, let’s understand what is structured play.

Structured plays come with specific learning objectives. Structured plays are the learning engagements that teachers allow kids to play as a provocation or to learn any new concepts better. These plays can either be indoor or outdoor, occur at a specific time and place, and are normally teacher-guided.

Now, let's understand how structured plays are important for kids.

  • Teaches teamwork – Being a team player is very important to be successful in today’s world and kids learn this skill effortlessly while playing various structured plays. They learn to exchange ideas, share resources, and work together to achieve a common goal.
  • Reinforce Bonding – Participating in these play activities helps children build a strong bonding with their teachers. They learn to trust people who care about them and also develop their social skills.
  • Boosts Listening Skills – Did you know that good listening skills facilitate effective communication in kids? Yes, in structured plays kids need to listen to the instructions and follow the same; this develops their listening skills.
  • Develops Motor-skills – Structured plays help children develop their motor skills. They also learn some movement skills like agility, balance, coordination, speed, etc while participating in various structured activities:
  • Get Introduced to New Things – According to the teachers from the Child care centers, structured play allows parents to expose kids to a variety of activities that they may not explore on their own. Think creatively and try to incorporate some structured activities into your family’s everyday schedule. This will help you develop strong relationships with your kids. They learn new concepts through play.
Pancake Poppers: This is super easy to prepare and kids in Pasadena, CA playschool love having this in their lunch.

As now you know the important benefits of structured games, please plan some activities that you can do with your kids and help them develop some essential skills.