Benefits Of Playing With Playdough

Young children love playing with playdough. They can spend hours in squishing, rolling, sculpting, and modeling with soft and squishy playdough. This simple preschool staple lets children use their imagination and strengthen the small muscles in their fingers. Using playdough with you, a friend or siblings develops your child's social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and enjoying being with other people. Playdough also encourages children’s language and literacy, science, and numeric skills - all at the same time. In Daycare La Canada Flintridge, CA children spend time playing with playdough as it can provide kids with hours of fun and lots of learning at the same time. You are at the correct place if you want to know more about the benefits of playing with playdough.

At home or school, playing with playdough supports children's development and learning in many ways. With playdough, kids keep on exploring ideas and try different approaches until they achieve their desired goal. Playing with playdough help children to come up with creative ideas, satisfy their curiosity, analyze a situation, and solve problems.

Other important benefits of playing with Play-Doh :

  • While kids are playing with playdough and mold them into different shapes they are actually developing their motor skills. Through the acts of squishing, flattening, rolling, and many other children strengthen their hand muscles, which in turn help them in smooth motor movements such as holding pencils, drawing lines, or using scissors.
  • In Daycare La Canada Flintridge, CA, caregivers use playdough to help children calm down. Playdough works really well as a stress buster and also helps in releasing the tension, excess energy, improving concentration, and also developing their communication skills.
  • Playing with playdough provides children with the opportunity to explore their imagination and creativity. No matter how many colors they have, there is an unlimited number of creations kids can make from playdough. By creating various objects from scratch children learn to expand their imagination and think in new and innovative ways.
  • Along with playdough, comes different tools and materials like rolling pins, cookie cutters, etc. These tools, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes, help children to develop their hand-eye coordination as they try to manipulate the materials to fit their imagination.
  • Daycare La Canada Flintridge, CA teachers encourage kids to be in a group while playing with playdough. It is a great practice to develop children's social skills. As they play in groups, they learn to share colors, tools, materials as well as ideas to build the desired model.
  • Playing with playdough helps children to develop their literacy and numeracy skills. Learning through hands-on activities is one of the best approaches to teach any concept to the preschoolers. Children can understand the concepts of counting numbers, identifying shapes, describing an object, etc through playdough.
  • In today’s digital world kids love to spend time in front of any screen. Instead of sitting on a couch in front of the TV all day, you can encourage them to spend some time with playdough. You can even involve them in making playdough at home.